Living the life

I remember when I was about 10 I was a late child with two older sisters that could only talk about s** all the time and me being the curious little witch that I was tried to understand what they were talking about when they mentioned o****** and things like that and what a well hung guy ment.
I was very curious and my friends younger brother was just next door so I cornered him in his back yard and we experimented by showing each other out private parts. I had no b****** yet and his c*** was tiny but after listening to my sisters I wanted to try s** so Le Anne claimed to like giving head so I listened closely as she explained what she and her husband would do and I talked Curtis into letting me suck on his c*** but nothing happened I mean he got hard but I sucked him for a few minutes then lost intrest.
I did enjoy masturbating though and I uses the handle of my hair brush to rub myself with.
I think I had an o***** because I was afraid I was going to pass out so I stopped but after that it turned into a daily thing for me until I did c** and that scared me to it felt so good and I was sure I was going to pass out but I couldn't stop then I came.
I took my own verginity with that same hairbrus a few days after that then even thouth Curts didnt know what was going on I got him on his back and tried to get his c*** in me but it wouldent get hard so I went inside and used my hairbrush,
I was frantic to feel a guys c*** in me but I was so young guys were afraid to try it boy was I ever frustrated.
Finally Uncke Mart caught on to what I was doing and he helped me outby offering to babysit me after school until Mon got home and he would get me to sit on his lap and I could feel his hard c*** against my ass and I deliberatly squirmed around on his lp until he would stand up and dash for the bathroom and I watched through the craci in the door as he jacked off.
He finally did get brave enough to trace my thighs with his fingers but he never did do anything until one day I just asked him if he wanted to f*** me.

Well that was the beginning of a summer that I will always remember I was so tight that he couldent get his c*** in me so he used his finget to stretch me out but that took several days useing body lotian as a lubricating thing for his c*** but his finger was able to make me c** .
Little by little after several days of us trying to get his c*** in me I was on his lap straddeled his hips and his c*** was held at my entrance and he was working his c*** head up and down my slit then I came and slimy fluid leaked out of me and Uncle Mart used that to stretch me open and when his c*** hed slipped into me I thought I was going to faint from the pain but his c*** head was loged in me now and it hurt when I tried to get away so Uncle mart calmed me down talking softly to me as his c*** slipped into me a little way then he began to slide me back and forth on his c*** until he came in me.

He was very worried that some of his c** would leak out of me and Mom would fing out so He gave me a bath working his finger up into me tryint to force his c** out until I orgasmed grabbing onto his wrist and crying outand that was my first c*** induced orgsm
After that he taught me how to swallow his c** and at first I thought it tasted awfull but I aquired a taste for it and to this day I still like to give blow jobs.
It was a fun summer and I loved it later I wondered how in the world mom never figured out what we were doing but that is all water under the bridge.
I remember now how frustrated i was trying to get a c*** in me back then,.


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  • Girls are just as curious as boys are.

  • 10 yr old p**** is sweet and good f******

  • I grew up well informed.

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