Inhale that gas!!!!

I love smelling my own farts!!!
Especially when I'm in bed,I always sleep naked,and when I need to fart,I cup my hand over my hole and fart into it,I close it and bring it up to my nose,then open it,breathing in the noxious gas.
I love how the smell blossoms like a flower,and its not offensive to me at all, however my wife would disagree πŸ˜…
I can't stand anyone else's farts tho.
It really is true, everyone loves their own brand!!!
Anyone else enjoy their farts?

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  • You know you can buy that flatulence in a compressed bottle? Filtered perfect gas.

  • Another version of the guy who eats his nose....welcome weirdo

  • How does that even compare to that snot eating guy???!!!! He's a dirty b****** eating them,all I'm doing is smelling my own fart!! You telling me you've never smelt one of yours??? Even if you don't actively chase it,you'll still smell it, bit different to the freak digging for gold!
    So f*** you and shove your welcome where the sun doesn't shine

  • Dude, when I came to your post, I was thinking, alright, a little weird, but whatever. Then I saw this. What is wrong with you? You come here sharing a secret, then shame someone else, and yell at someone who did nothing to you? Take a S.Q.U.I.P. I'll only forgive you if you get my reference.

  • I don't need a pill to be ' cool ' ,I enjoy my own gas therefore I'm automatically cool 😎
    I await your forgiveness πŸ˜‰

  • You are forgiven. πŸ˜‚

  • Thanks dudeπŸ˜…πŸ‘ maybe I was a bit harsh on the other guy lol

  • The way you found him disgusting same as i feel for YOU

  • Awww,we need a hug,then I can cup one for you my little flower xxx

  • Stfu p*** drinker

  • I'm the Op,and I didn't write that comment about the hug.
    But why p*** drinker???

  • I know thats why i called him p*** drinker and you sir are a delusional w*****

  • Ok,but why am I delusional? I'm not deluded at all, I know what I'm doing when I sniff a fart πŸ˜… its no magical secret!!!

    Try it,you might like itπŸ˜…

  • Https://

  • Not so weird. Just try not to obsess with it and everything should be alright hahaha

  • HahaπŸ˜… no,its not a fetish lol,just enjoying my brandπŸ˜…πŸ‘

  • I didn't say it is, I just say that's nothing weird, so you don't have to worry unless you obsess with it hahaha

  • I hear yaπŸ‘ and cheers for not being like the anti fart guy up there!!
    Guy must not have an a$$hole or something

  • Yessir!!!!!!!

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