Public schools are for education, not religious indoctrination

So Trump tweets "Numerous states introducing Bible Literacy classes, giving students the option of studying the Bible. Starting to make a turn back? Great!"

I agree with senior attorney Heather Weaver who replies -
"More often than not, public school Bible classes resemble Sunday school lessons and violate students' and parents' First Amendment rights,"

Evidently, the type of American Citizen Trump wants is one who is done thinking, and behaves like a sheep who can then be shepherded.

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  • Stop being racist. You women makes me sick. In the bible. It said only men will be in heaven. You women are just a rib from man.

  • They had bible groups in college and I never got near them.

  • Interesting that the bible is pretty much the only book not allowed in American schools and yet it is the only one allowed in American prison cells when in solitary. Maybe if the anti Christians were to back off and let a bit more spirituality into schools then maybe society would be a bit better off. Instead they take it upon themselves to push their anti Christian agenda with the enthusiasm that puts even the most dedicated Mormon to shame.

  • Maybe if there was a choice of spirituality,there wouldn't be a problem
    but good little xtians like you want to say it's a choice while not letting other spiritual practices be allowed as well
    check your hypocrisy :) i dare you

  • Actually if Trump gives one the option to take or not, meaning one isn't required. Than wouldn't your statement be false?
    The type of American Citizen Trump wants is one who has the choice which is what America is all about and totally opposite of behaving like sheep. Is it not?

  • You won't get an answer because the OP doesn't even believe the bullshit he wrote. He's just looking for a reaction like every other fucktard troll on this site.

  • Here's the most important part of the 1st Amendment that has been perverted by liberal fuktards. Its freedom OF religion n o t freedom FROM religion.

  • If you are going to rely upon amendments to the constitution to justify your position, you can't pick and choose. Don't forget the 14th amendment. That conveys the right to be free from state-fostered religion.

  • I think the anti Christians push no religion or the atheist religion with the energy of the best Christian evangelist.

  • I happen to think the 2nd Amendment is the one that gets s*** on and violated the most. It's one of the most important yet some people would cast it out if they had a chance.

  • The good lord demands


    From you all!!! 🙏

  • I demand your wife for A N A L

  • Only if we can swap? I'll do your wife a n a l , and you can do my wife a n a l ?
    Then we can swap back,and have them suck us clean as we (in keeping with the post topic👍) spout biblical verse!!!
    Praise be brother!!!!

  • I am not married neither have a girl🤣

  • Not to worry,I'll hire you one in😃👍

  • There is one very important key word, "option". That means take the class, don't take the class, no one gives a s***.

  • Yet look at all the little religious groundlings losing their ability to keep track of the conversation if you substitute "Obama" for "Trump" and literally any other religious text for "bible". Suddenly they're incapable of seeing the word "option" and start screaming about being silenced. Either that or they ignore the dialogue completely and go on the attack.

    Right-wing "good Christians" need to be lined up and shot. Every single one.

  • Nope. Atheists like you should be rounded up and shot instead.

  • You may call Christ or Bible fictional then even it is highly recommended to read this book to take best out of them.

  • 🤔 Hmm "take the best out of them" - Would you like to qualify that statement?

  • I have failed already. I turned into pervert. People hate me ,laugh at me. Bible will inculcate moral values in them and they will respect women 🙏

  • Poor persecuted little god-botherer. Sob, sob. Here you are trying to shove the Good News down everyone's throats and they... they... said NO!!! *anguished screaming*

    Also, you need a different kind of good book. It's called a dictionary. If you're going to harangue the masses online, you might want to take a run at literacy first :)

  • You both are disgusting as h***

  • Woa, sick burn. ooh ouch

  • You need Jesus

  • Some people get hooked on sedatives or drugs they don't really need. It's just the same with 'Jesus'. Don't try and push this poison on others.

  • ^true s*** right here

  • I don't need Jesus or any other fictional character, thanks.

  • Jesus was not fictional. You can debate if he was truly the son of God or not, but he was a real person.

  • I will grant you that there is some evidence of a wondering prophet around the time Jesus is supposed to have lived, but it's much more likely that 'Jesus' is an amalgam of various holy men rather than one person.
    The name Jesus is a subsequent label and corruption of 'Hail Zeus' as is the visual representation of Christ, with which we are all familiar, which is actually based upon Cesare Borgia.

  • He sounds like he was a really cool guy. It's the PR and his so-called fan club that need to be annihilated.

  • Oh, you mean like Hitler wanted to with the Jews? How is christianity causing you any harm? It's not. And YOU are exactly what is wrong with this world. You don't like something so it should be eradicated?
    Do the world a favor and put yourself down. You're like a rabid dog and a disease on this world. Humanity would be a whole lot better off without people like you.

  • Look out everybody, the Hitler card's been played! Nice try with the dog-whistle routine, little sheep. Foul-souled, hypocritical little sheep.

    One second you're whining "What did sweet little ol' Christianity ever do to you? Whyyyy would you suggest something you don't like be eradicated????" and then literally the next paragraph, you not just cop that same attitude, but go even uglier with it.

    What a loving little bible-beater you are. You truly represent what the rest of us have come to expect from your ilk. And you wonder why people want you nowhere near them?

    Is cognitive dissonance a required part of becoming a religiot? Sure seems that way.

  • You DO NEED jesus😠

  • YOU need some working brain matter!

    Pretend for a second that Donnie was insisting that students study the Koran or the Satanic Bible... anything you personally don't agree with.

    Ooh, you make funny faces when you lose your $hit. LOL

  • Only Trump is not insisting on they take bible study, only that it should be available as an option. "OPTION", meaning you don't have to take it if you don't want to. So why is this an issue? Other than the fact some people just like to b**** about something.

  • So if Obama insisted that kids have the OPTION to study, say, paganism-- would you smile and be happy, or would you use that as an excuse to lose your $hit and start screeching? Mouthy hypocrite.

  • You're not very good at comprehending English are you? Option means you have the choice to take it or leave it. Does not matter WHO gives you the option. So stick to your "mouthy hypocrite" comment up your f****** ass. Douchebag!

  • NO $HIT, MORON. We all get what the word "choice" means. You're the one who chose to both deflect and go on the attack rather than answer the question, which is typical of your subhuman breed.

  • Obama says you can study paganism if you want,but that's all
    you couldn't stand it if that happened
    he's right,your a mouthy hypocrite & everytime you say s*** you prove it again

  • Obama is a n.i.g.g.e.r

  • Better that than a fucktard like you. Go play in traffic


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