I love posting naked pics of my wife!

For the past five years now I have been posting naked pictures including a few videos of my wife on a social media site. I don’t know what it is but I I love the fact anyone can see my wife naked for their enjoyment and see her body the same way that I see it and sometimes in ways that I never have.

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  • I’d love to see. Varityconsulting@gmail.com

  • I love to post my wife pics too.
    Its a thrill. She is sexy chubby indian.

  • Love sharing mine

  • I would love to see them. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

  • It’s a vicarious exhibitionist thrill for you.

    The hotter your wife is, the more you want to show her off.

  • My wife and I got divorced a few years ago and one night I was laying in bed surfing the web for pics of women on anonymous sites. I came across some pics of her that her recent x boyfriend must have put up and also came across some pics of her niece. Now her niece has always been very hot. I’ve always been turned on at others seeing pics of my x wife naked and had already posted some pics of her that I had taken while we were married. I’ve even sent her pics to people in my family and hers. A couple of times when we partied she had gotten really drunk and wound up puking all over herself on the way home. The first time it happened she started taking her clothes off in the truck. I tried to stop her then I started getting a little turned on at the thought of some of the neighbors seeing her when we got home. I pulled up to the house and all she had on was her bra and panties. I went over to her side and opened the door to help her out and walk her inside the house. By this time I was really turned on and hard. I reached around her and undid her bra and took it off then I layed the seat back and got her legs out and slid her panties off. Now she was completely naked. I really wasn’t thinking about anything else and had forgotten that our sons were in the house. I got her out and walked her around the truck and I had left the lights on so when we walked in front of the truck the lights were on her and the neighbor kid that was outside had a good view of her. When I got her inside, our oldest son was in the living room laying on the couch watching a movie. I saw him looking at her and I tripped and she fell over me and her ass was facing directly at him. He kept looking trying not to make it obvious so I wouldn’t know.

  • Care to share any links?

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