Our secret affair

My wife and I have been married 21 years this august, For the past year and a half I have been having an affair with her little sister.
It all started out innocent enough when I got caught looking up my sister in laws shorts, I was sitting in the living room, We had just had our second child and my wife's sister then only 19 was sitting on the floor playing with the two kids, She was wearing a t-shirt, Bra, Shorts and no panties, I thought I caught a glimpse of something when she leaned over to grab her phone but wasn't sure, A few minutes later she sat on the floor at a 90 degree angle to me and crossed her legs, The position she was in made the leg of her shorts stick out and I had a bee line view right up the leg of her shorts and a full on view of her vag, 19, Very attractive, In good shape and at the time it was the first time I had seen one completely bald, She has a very nice vag, and as she sat there with her legs crossed as you can imagine her vag lips were spread.
I sat staring for a minute or two before she looked at me and totally caught me looking, She looked down, Uncrossed her legs and sat on her knees. We never spoke of it until almost a year later, She and my wife had gone out clubbing to celebrate a certain something and when they got home my wife was floor licking drunk, I was in bed and my sister in law came to the door to tell me that my wife was puking, I got up and went to the bathroom, Got her into bed and then went to the kitchen for a drink before going to bed again. My sister in law was waiting for me in the kitchen and as I poured a glass of water she looked at me and said "So...", I said "So..." and then she apologized for getting my wife so drunk, We talked for a minute and I went to bed then after a minute got back up, Grabbed a big blanket out of the closet and walked down the hall to her room, I listened at the door and could hear heavy breathing but couldn't tell if she was having a go all alone or just drunk heavy breathing, I knocked and opened the door and she quickly covered up before I could see anything staring at me as she huffed and puffed a bit.
I told her I had come to see if she needed and extra blanket as I held it out to her, She thanked me and then as I turned to leave she said "Uh...You won't say anything will you?", I said "About?" and she tilted her head to the side, squinted at me and said "Uhhh..." waving her hand around over her body, I looked at her and said "Were you..." and she turned so red and put her head down, I decided on a bold move to see how she reacted and walked over sitting on the bed, she just looked at me and didn't say anything so i reached over and grabbed the blanket she had pulled up over her chest. She looked at me with her big, green eyes and took a shuddering breath as I tugged on the blanket and she let it slip through her fingers, I pulled it down and we both looked down at her large breasts, They are big and soft and they hang down more than I expected but looked good as she laid on her side. I reached over and cupped one but she pulled away and bit her bottom lip then said "No touching", I got on my knees and she laid on her back as I pulled the blanket off completely and she had her one hand covering her vag, She pulled it away and she was still completely bald, Perfect and smooth, Soft and tight looking.
She looked so nervous as she spread her legs and I grabbed her wrist pushing her hand toward her vag, She grabbed my hand and pulled it away saying "No touching", She slid one middle finger between her lips and got it wet then slid it between her legs, She started rubbing and then grabbed my hand placing it on my crotch, I stood up and dropped my shorts as she laid back with her eyes closed, As I got back on the bed on my knees she looked over at my cock and swallowed hard then whispered "I knew it would be huge", I don't think I am huge but maybe a bit above average at 7 1/2" long and my girth has always been my claim to fame in that department.
I tried shuffling up by her face but she stopped me and kind of turned me then tapped on her chest between her big breasts which were flopped to the sides, She was rubbing herself as I watched her and stroked myself, She had her legs crossed, Knees flopped wide open and she had her lips spread with one hand rubbing her visibly hard clit with the other, She was staring at my cock and straightened out her legs then her whole body would tense up and relax, she looked up at me and said "i want..I want you to...Come on me", I started coming all over her breasts and she started shaking as she moaned "Oh god yeah, That's so hot", I kept stroking with one hand and reached over pinching her one nipple, It was all slippery with come so it kept slipping out of my fingers, She grunted and thrust her hips forward as she buried a finger deep in herself and grunted with every thrust, I rubbed my come all over her breasts and played with her nipples until she pulled my hand away.
She clenched her thighs rubbing her legs back and forth as she massaged her own breasts, Big, Soft and squishy then she looked at me and after a minute she got up and stood there breathing heavy all naked and covered in my sperm, She looked around and found her towel from earlier that day and wrapped herself in it before saying I need a shower and you need to go to bed, As she went to walk by me I grabbed her and pulled her close, She looked at me and as I went to kiss her she said "Uh...No...That's NOT what this is", She said We can talk tomorrow and pushed past me.
The next day my wife went for groceries and we talked, She was embarrassed about how she behaved but I just kept trying to grope her, Finally standing in the kitchen I had my hand up her top cupping one of her breasts and she looked me in the eye saying "Ok, Here it is", She laid out the ground rules of what I was allowed and what I wasn't allowed going forward, She explained that she is into mutual masturbation but that's all, She doesn't allow me to touch her other than the odd grope I sneak in before she giggles and slaps my hand away, We do it a lot actually, Probably 2-3 times a month and now she lets me put my load wherever I want except her face, I can put it on her stomach, Breasts, bum, or even on her vag which is actually a huge turn on for me to unload on her hand and vag while she is rubbing herself.
All in all it's pretty harmless in my opinion.

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