Mom stopping son from being gay

I know people would say I'm a horrible mother, by I started have s** with my son when he was 15 to prevent him from being gay.

8 years ago I came home early from work and found my son giving a b******* to another boy. I screamed at the boy to leave and my son ran to his room.

I went upstairs, he sitting on his bed only in his underware . I and asked why was he doing that. He said the boy promised to do the same to him if he did it first. Also girls at his school did not like him and he wanted to have s** like other kids. Even if it me as means suck a c***.

I said you never have to do that again. I got on my knees took his c*** out and started to suck him. He resisted for about 15 seconds then I felt his hands on my head.

He only lasted a minute and i swallowed his c**.

Since then he sleeps in my bed and I have made myself available to him when ever he wants s**. Which is a lot.

I hate to say it but I enjoy it with him more than any other man I have been with.

His c*** fits perfectly into my p**** and I c** every time.



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  • All teenage boys suck c***. It's s**, not gay. Still, worked for him that his mom was dumb.

  • My mom used to jack me off till I came everywhere all the time when she found out my friend was f****** me in the ass

  • This is funny but true, when I was 15 I was at a friend's house he had found a box of old p*** magazines while cleaning his grandmother's garage out ,guessing they were his dead grand father's he snuck them home. So we are looking through them and there are a few with pictures of guys blowing each other. He makes the comment he wonders what it feels like, I ask if he means getting a b****** and he says no giving one. I got my c*** out and tell him to give it a try, half joking. He gets down on his knees and starts going at it sucking my c*** when in walks his mother with towels for his bathroom. She just looked at just said she was sorry and not to let her interrupt as she put the towels in his bathroom came out ,smiled and walked out shutting the door.

  • I would love a bj from a yung boy

  • My mother did the same thing for a different reason. She came home early to find me completely dressed and made up in make up and wig. I was 15, she took off her clothes right then and there and said I am a woman not you, and she showed me her entire body. We would have s** 2 to 3 times a week. Which I enjoyed, but I kept dressing without her knowledge. she didn't piece it all together until I was 23. When she visited my apartment without me being there and found my wardrobe. She was mad as h***, saying with all the s** we have had and you still wear women's clothes. What can I say I like being a Gurl.

  • Some will condemn you, but I think you have helped him through a difficult period

  • He was sucking c*** at 7?

  • What the h*** is wrong with you. That is DISGUSTING.

  • I think that you are doing a wonderful job as a mother. I wish you'd write more about the details of what you two share. I believe mothers should teach their boys about s**.

  • Where can i find you, i ll attack you in the most indecent manner and destroy your hole right infront of you

  • Infront of your son

  • Best if mothers organized among themselves to seduce each others sons who were in danger of becoming homosexuals.

  • A difficult but wise choice but I hope you can give him up when a younger girl comes along.

  • Incest is not good but homosexuality is far worse - you have made a difficult choice.

  • W*****

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