Caitlyn Jenner

I'm sorry.
I'm all for equal opportunities and all that,but Jesus,Caitlyn Bruce Jenner is a god damned FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got no problem with gays,but this whole trams thing is just f***** up in my eyes.

And Bruce just looks and sounds weird!
The whole family is weird but her really takes the biscuit.

He's basically a sexual pervert.
Its seedy.
Its gross.

He needs to be put down.

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  • I don't understand how in the living h*** this affects you. Live your life, come and go, enjoy, and let other people do and act as they please, yes? Guess not.

  • The problem with that is all those people out there who do and act as they please, but will rain hellfire down upon anyone who does not ENTHUSIASTICALLY validate them.

    One minute your kind whines that everyone-- male, female, in between, whatever-- should be allowed to do what they want. Nothing wrong there, that's fine.

    Where it goes off the rails is when such people and/or people who want to be seen cheering for them shove it down everyone else's throats, threatening doxxing and cancel culture if absolute, total worship is not attained.

    The people who need to hear this the most are the ones who ignore it the hardest. And they are NO DIFFERENT from the KKK or QAnon. Extremism is extremism, end of.

  • I agree with everything the OP said, but especially the very last sentence: I vote for having that done. AT ONCE.

  • I’m assuming all the homophobic comments here are from black people

  • Not necessarily so, kiddo. Could be anyone.

  • Nice attempt at threadjacking and trying to turn it into yet another argument about race, though.

  • An individual's gender identity and sexual preference are more psychological than physical. It is nurture rather than nature that gives rise to such desires. Unfortunately, there are 'medical practitioners' who are willing to offer surgery rather than therapy to address this issue, because of that what the 'customer' wants, rather than needs.

  • Agree. One's gender identity is more mental than physical. HOWEVER! You can "identify" any way you want, but your bits are either clam or sausage. Also, don't expect the world to rearrange itself to cater to whichever made-up "nonbinary" identity you're wearing at any given moment. You're just not that special!

  • ^THANKYOU^ are the sjw's hearing this

  • If they are, they are ignoring it the way Faux Newstards ignore science and rationality. Are you the least bit surprised?

  • Gender is NOT F****** PSYCHOLOGICAL!!!!!!
    Its whatever is between your legs and DNA!!!!
    Its like you telling me that if i decide I'm a plastic beaker,then surely I must be! Who cares that I'm flesh and bone and dna, if I say I'm an inanimate plastic beaker,then I'm a plastic beaker!!!
    Seriously you people make me sick.
    Trans is a perversion plain and simple.

  • Amen!! No such thing as trans! Just dirty seedy sexual perversions.👊

  • He's not really a pervert. I mean, I don't know much about him, but being trans doesn't make you a pervert.

  • You're right, it doesn't. And that is one effed-up, psychotically attention-starved hot mess of a "family". Guess being trans doesn't automatically make someone a saint. Who knew?


  • He does not need to be put down. Too far, way too far.

  • Ok,castrated chemically then locked up

  • He isn't breeding. And you dumb f***. Full gender switch the b**** are gone. Holy crap. He must turn you on secretly. You want to try his constructed v*****?

  • Hahaha😅 he is a f****** weirdo!!!!!
    Not hot at all lmao

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