Things my wife doesn't know

Ever since we got married 30 years ago another girl who was at uni with me and wanted to marry me has had s** with me at least once a year even until now.

My older brother who my wife really likes has asked me if I had any nudes or h**** videos of her. I have loads and I have been sharing everything with him all these years. I know he has shown them to his best friend who is also leering over my lady and has told how hot she is and what a nice f******* body she has when we went for a beer with my brother.

We lived in Germany for a while and our neighbours were a Polish couple. The husband was in his 50ies then and we were both 30. My wife liked the couple and was really friendly with his wife. The Polish husband and I often went for a beer and talked about all things but also about our wives. We soon started tell each other every intimate detail. He said he loved to see my wife naked. We both lived in adjacent ground floor flats and my wife loves being blindfolded while having s** and with her hands bound. So I left the light on and opened the curtain slightly on one side and while we were having s** he could watch from outside our a garden window/door.

One time I left the door ajar and he wanked his sperm into a little cup and I would quickly get up, take the cup, pour the sperm onto my c*** and wifes open hole and then push it up her while f****** it. So hot that I came in no time.

Once I talked my wife into accepting an anonymous mini g******* where she would be blindfolded and bound and would be taken by no more than 3 guys. I treated her to a nice massage before and also plied her with lots of drinks and mixed a liitle extra something into them. There were 5 specially invited guests that night at the hotel that we rented a bit out of town to make it believable that this was all anonymous. But the guys that had bareback s** with her that night and shot their loads into her were my older brother, my best friend Paul, our Polish neighbour, my wife's boss and my boss who all had wanted to f*** my wife for a long time. They all made very generous donations and my wife received a rather thick envelope of cash the next day from me and was very proud to have been such a good little married s*** and also said that she had really enjoyed the experience. She wanted to know who the gents were but I just said that it was a group of mature friends who I had contacted over the internet and I did not know their names. She was satisfied with that answer.

Almost every year my wife's older sister comes to stay with us. They are really best friends and really enjoy each other's company and both are always looking forward to their two weeks when they just chat and have drinks and then chat some more and have more drinks. Many years ago during the night the ladies had been talking until the early morning hours and were really quite drunk when they went to bed I had to get up to go to the bathroom. I always sleep naked and so I also walked naked to the bathroom. When I opened the bathroom door my sister in law sat on the loo and I was just about to apologies and turn around when she said that I should not go but come closer. As soon as I came closer one hand went around my bum and pulled me closer and the other hand grabbed my c*** and she wrapper her mouth around my tool and gave me a b*******. Ever since then when we know my wife is drunk and sound asleep we have repeated our bathroom encounters and we kiss and suck and f*** as often as we can.

I have a friend whom I have known since school and who is a professional masseuse with his own massage studio in town. My wife has back problems so I convinced her to have regular massage sessions with him. She goes there once a month for two hour back and full body massage. I told my friend that I would love that over time and without risking his great professional reputation that his massage sessions would evolve into a true full body massage including her intimate parts and would have no objections to him enjoying her lovely body to the full and provided she lets him he had my OK to full bareback s** with him dumping his loads into my darling's marital womb. He agreed and told me that although there were very few that he had some female clients who explicitly wanted and had asked for exactly the same service. It was almost a year later that my friend texted me that he had just given my wife her first happy ending and from then on all massage sessions with her included this intimate aspect and about 6 months later he sent me a pic with my wife lying on her back with a towel over her head, her legs spread wife and his c*** inside her and a bit later there was pic of my wife's open legs with a thick white gob of manly fluid oozing out of her fleshy female love opening. She is still going for her montly "back" massages every month and has done so now for more than 10 years.

I have a nephew who is only 4 years younger than me. Ever since we were young boys we both have been playing with each other. While on walks we frolicked around in the woods both stark naked and fondled each other, sucked each other off. We also have spent a few nights together in bed and as he is the submissive type I have f***** him up his ass several times, which we both really enjoyed. He says he loves my c***. My nephew came to visist us one summer and one night we all got really drunk. My wife was totally out of it. I made sure as I mixed a little extra into her drink. That night my nephew and I brought her to bed, got her naked and then my nephew, who had always told me that he loved my wife and would love to enjoy her sweet little body, did everything to my wife he always imagined and then made love to her and dumped his load inside her. She wasn't on the pill that night and 9 months later our son was born. I am pretty sure that my nephew is the father as during his stay we repeated this alcohol induced love triangle scenario three times and during this stay I never had s** with my wife but preferred to dump my load into my newphew's bum. My wife always thought that I had s** with her as she felt the sperm inside her in the morning and saw the wet patches on the sheets. She did not suspect anything even though I told her that we both had undressed her and she thought it was quite h**** that my nephew had seen her naked again but this wasn't anything out of the ordinary as we all often went to the sauna together and there we all were naked and we all chatted and laughted together and enjoyed the time.

Since about 5 years I have joined a male massage circle where we meet up once a month and give each other naturist massages that include happy endings and sometimes a bit of oral fun, as well.

My wife has a best lady friend who is 10 years older than us. About 5 years ago her husband got very ill and passed away. About a year after being widowed she came onto me telling me that she missed the physical part of her married life and that she hoped I could help her out. Since then I have been meeting her a few times a month to give her what she so misses and am helping her out any which way I can. I really enjoy this as she loves a lot of dirty things that my wife does not really like. Our mature lady friends loves a*** and regularly asks for me to shower her with my golden fluids to round of our love sessions. She is particularly drawn to drinking my fluid from my manly source and she loves licking my dirty bum clean and dipping her tongue into my rear orifice. I just love this. My wife is clueless.

There is more but I think this post is now long enough. Perhaps another time.


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  • If my wife knew all of my secrets I would find myself alone.

  • Yes, you are very correct.
    Your post was more than long enough.
    And 100% fabricated too.

    And a request from us all, please don't bother to update us in the near future

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