Wife away

My wife went away for a hen week end when my mother in law phoned and said I shouldn’t stay in all alone by myself and drive over to her place and go to the local social club with her and my father in law and stay the night in the spare room . I went over and after a few drinks she got me up to dance and after dancing very close I got aroused and she said she could tell I was pleased she had asked me over. we left the club and got taxi my father in law was drunk and my mother in law Barbara kept rubbing my thigh and eventually fondled my c*** I was so excited but couldn’t say a word.when we got home I went to the spare room and went to bed after about half an hour my door opened and Barbara came in with her nightie on I could see right through it and she asked if I liked it I said yes and couldn’t take my eyes off her hairy 60 year old p**** she told me she had given her husband sleeping pills and she hadn’t had s** for ages I got brave and slipped my hand up her nightie her p**** was absolutely soaking and I knew right away she was gagging for a good s*** . I pulled her nightie up over her head and sucked her lovely nipples she had quite small t*** but lovely big nipples she was really enjoying everything I was doing when I decided as she was always quite a bossy person I would see how far I could go with her so I told her to get on her knees and suck my c*** right away she did it I was in heaven then I told her to lean over the bed as I wanted her doggy style when she bent over the bed she reached back and guided my c*** into her p**** she absolutely loved it and while she was grinding away I gave her a*** a good smack which she loved.what I couldn’t believe was how quick she had an o***** she came in about 30 seconds and had multiple o****** afterwards.her husband can’t keep up with her in bed so I can service her quite regularly now I even have told her I want her p**** shaved at all times and enjoy the fact my father in law doesn’t know that I am the one who tells his wife to shave her f**** and then I s*** the a*** off her and fill her with my s****.i love sitting with them at the social club and talking about s** with him and he doesn’t know he is a cuckold and I can get his wife to do just about anything in bed


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  • I just love this older woman getting great s** in her older years I would love to have s** with my wife’s mother but I am very scared

  • That was a lovely story maybe the husband does know he is a cuckold and likes his wife getting seen to I know I do spices up the old s** life

  • You must feel so manly, rooting grannys.
    Yeahhh,great bloke

  • Fuckingg a 60 yo s** deprived person is no biggie 😏

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