I first met my wife well she backed into me At best buy in Fairfield and I was p***** but she looked so frightened in her tube top and shorts and besides she is a very well built little gal to boot.
Her biggest concern was that it was her fathers car and the front passenger quarter was damaged and it as clearly her fault.
Well I was driving my beater old Dodge 4 by 4 and it had so many dents already I told her that if she would spend a day at Marine world with me we could blame it on me so she wouldn't get in trouble.
Se had just Graduated high school a couple weeks earlier and I was 27 years old so I was 9 years older tan her.
She was Leary of the offer but she accepted as long as I agreed not to come onto her so so we planned on the next weekend on Saturday.
I showed up at her house early to meet her parents but she said they had gone to Reno for the day and she later told me that she hadn't told them about our date.
We had a ball at Marine Word I make pretty good money working on a crew behind a crane that I had my sights on learning how to operate it .
We did all the rides and watched shows of te whales and seals then at about 4:pm the water skiing show.
Afterwards I asked if she was ready to go home and she said she was in no hurry so I asked if she wanted to go for ride and she readily agreed . We went out to Lake Herman and now Lisa had scooted over beside me and had her hand on my thigh.
Sometimes there are people out there that run the gate but this time nobody was there so I put it in 4 wheel drive and skirted around the gate pulling back into the trees.
Lisa was sitting there now with her hands in her lap looking up at me with her wide brown eyes a question on her lips but she did not struggle when I pulled her to me and I kissed her and she kissed me back .
Soon we were clawing at each other and I had freed both of her b****** now and I leaned over sucking on her nipples as she whimpered tugging at my zipper groping around feeling my h****** with her hand her breath was rasping out of her throat as I succeed in getting her shorts around her knees and I had worked my finger tip into her p****.
She gasped out wait and raised up pushing her shorts off one leg then opened her thighs for me and I took full advantage of third working my finger deep into her p****.
I opened my pants and pushed my pants to my knees and her hand found me c***.
I heard her moan and she said OH MY GOD breaking away looking at my c***.
She turned to me her eyes wide in surprise and asked how big is it ???
I said adout 9 inches are you ok with that and she didn't answer rhe laid her head on my belly looking at my c*** in wonder the tip of my c*** head just an inch from her lips so with just a little pressure I pushed on the back of her head and she said don't c** in my mouth OK then her lips surrounded y crown and her tongue traced my crown licking my shaft and then she licked her way down my shaft to my b**** and she sucked them into jer mouth.
I was still fingering her p**** and her c*** was swollen as I rubbed it Lisa was doing her best to respond to me and suck on my c*** but I pushed her back on the seat and really began to finger f*** her rubbing her c*** with my thumb and Lisa sat back her body jerking spastically grunting like a pig trying to thrust her hips as I fingered her.
She cried out and her body arched off the seat her eyes tightly closes and her fingers clasped tight as her body began to shake uncontrollably as she came.
I was so h**** by this time I got out of the truck and pulled her ass to her edge of the seat with her p**** at the edge and Lisa was watching me owlishly still under the influence of her o*****.
My pants were around my ankles now as I grabbed my c*** guiding it to her very wet entrance and Lisa watched as though in a trance then she said don't c** in me please as my c*** hear pushed the petals of her p**** apart.
She was very tight but she was also very well lubed to so even though I had to force my entrance I was able to get my c*** head into her then I stood there gasping for breath for long seconds before I began to add more of my c*** into her.
My feet were flat on the ground and her p**** was at the perfect height so within seconds I was b**** deep in her and she came a second time her body shook with her o***** and she was moaning soft and mewling sounds in her throat I was f****** her for all it was worth now wanting no needing release and I could feel the pressure building in my b****.
Lisa was watching wide eyed now as her b****** were dancing wildly in circles then she yelled again don't cm in me so I jerked out of her and my c*** began to spurt heavy globs of my sperm all over her belly and b******.

I stood there gasping for breath as my c*** spent itself on her then I slid my c*** back into her loving the velvety warmth of her c*** glove on my c***.
We stayed there until dark fooling around and we f***** once more before I took her home.
We are now married and we have discussed the possibility of her being shared in the near future.

Feb 5, 2019

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  • Sounds like your name would be Bubba
    Sounds like you should be in p*** bro!
    I don’t think anyone can make s** to a girl like you. Also sounds like your the next Brad Pitt so don’t waste anymore time go get it

  • I know that she like my c*** but I have this desire to watch her with another guy.
    I am a voyeur ad I like to watch people f*** besides having a big c*** is sometimes a draw back with some women.

  • Would love to f*** her and suck that giant c*** of yours

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