My roommate has a girlfriend who partially lives with us. When I say partially I mean she keeps clothing at our place even though she lives with her mom. She is very sexual and not too pretty but very attractive and on top of it she is a teacher. One night I was very h**** and went into her stash of erotic lingerie and jerked off with one of her lace thongs. I think she suspected I have been doing this because she would always have this grin on her face. One day my friend was working and she comes over and ays she wants to talk to me. I said about what, she reaches into her bag and pulls out a c** stained black thong. At that moment my heart started racing and i turned beet red. She hands me the thong and says show me what you do with these. I said, what do you mean and she says its not Ian's c** or the mail mans, show me what the f*** you do with these or I'm telling Ian. I'm very nervous but partially turned on. Finally, I confessed and told her. She stated I want to see you do it. I'm partially hard and undo my pants while she is sitting on the couch. I'm standing up and her eyes are bulging. She is about 5ft 2 inches tall 120 lbs with her brown hair up in a bun and her glasses on. I begin to rub her thong on the head of my d*** and start moving closer to her and without a stumble say can you help me with this. She has a very tiny mouth and always dreamed of putting my thick c*** in her mouth. She has on this shiny brown lip gloss and while the thong is around my d*** i put my hand on the back of her head and rub the head of my c*** around her lips smearing the side of her cheek with brown lip gloss and pre c**. She starts sucking the tip of my c*** that barley fits in her mouth and after only about a minute I blow a thick load all over her upper lip and nose. She says it smells like bleach and I help her wipe it off her face and we started making out.

May 30, 2011

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  • I confess to sneaking into rooms and sniffing knickers of girls I have lived with in the past, oh the shame. I have forgiven myself now


  • Ermm, this is a confessional not a fantasy site dur

  • HOT!!!!!

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