Wife humiliates me

So my wife has always dominated me. On our wedding night she made me watch her f*** herself with a huge d****. Over the years we would have s** and she would stop "because she is bored" or tell me to stop so she can use her d****. I'm not huge, I'm about 4.5 inches and a bit on the thinner side. We have been like this since before we got married. Since getting married, she has openly f***** a few guys (she made me sign an agreement after stopping mid-s**) but t entry she has humiliated me in front of others.

On holiday in Barbados, she f***** a guy in front of me. He was hung like a horse and she made sure I knew it.

She has let me f*** her friends but makes me wear extra big condoms so I look even smaller. The condoms usually fall off during s** so we stop, or they stop s** and my wife d***** them.

Her friends wear heels bigger than me and compare against me.

Lately, she has been making me super sensitive, so a few strokes from one of her friends and I've shot my load.

And last night, she made me f*** a coke bottle in front of them. Then drink my c** out of it.

I enjoy the humiliation, I'm wearing a butt plug right now as I have been serving her friends naked all evening.

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