Wanked off and sissified in front of Mother in law

My wife plays to my fantasies of dominating me and small p**** humiliation (I'm only a little less than average) but outside the bedroom I'm as alpha as can be, so much so I flirt with my MIL quite a bit, who seemed to like it. My wife did not. So she decided to get me back.

Staying at my in laws, we went up our room, we started to make out and then took control. Just how I like it! Lights out but door still open she stripped me naked. She walked off, then came back and closed the door. She made me put on her bra and panties, then pulled my little limp d*** out and started wanking me with just her thumb and finger, then slowly inserting a small d**** in my ass, wanking me slowly, making me admit to having a tiny d***, agreeing I am her slave, I'm a sissy, telling her I love my a****** being f*****, she told me she loves getting f***** by guys with much bigger d**** and next time she won't use a condom and I'll have to lick her clean to stop her getting pregnant, I agreed without hesitation. She said I'd have to suck their d***. I agreed. And they may f*** my ass, I said I'll do whatever she tells me too. The d**** in my ass is going deeper and faster into me. She tells me, she wants me to drink her p***, I hesitate, so she slaps me and asks me again and I agree. This continued for around 5 minutes, now I'm struggling to hold back. Then she starts to countdown from 10 as she wanks me faster and rams the d**** in my ass hard..., 6, 5, 4....I've c**, all over myself. I'm moaning like a little b****, as I c** so amazingly hard. That was the most amazing w***! Oh f*** that was incredible. I can barely breathe. But that's not all, she scoops up my c** with her fingers and makes me suck it off, then she scoops some more and covers the d**** and shoves it into my mouth and just looks at me, so I start to suck it as she waits for me. "Good sissy" she says to me.

Before I can say anything, she says "I told you, you owe me 50". Confused I look at her, then she gets up and turns the light on to reveal her mother sat by the dresser having watched the whole thing as I lie there in panties and bra, covered in c** with a d**** in my mouth that was earlier in my ass. My wife got her revenge for me flirting by humiliating me as a tiny d***, cuckold, sissy! Breakfast this morning was extremely awkward. It was made worse when after my wife's dad left for work, my MIL came over and took the spoon I was eating cereal with and gave me a small spoon instead and just said "little d**** get little spoons". I wanted to run out instantly but at the same time I was aroused!


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  • To update 2 years later, my MIL totally dominates me now, usually while my wife is out getting f*****. My MIL strapon f**** me a lot and wanks me off, my wife has no sexual contact with me anymore, apart from me cleaning her p****.

  • Been their I was made to wear my pink sissy outfit in front of my mother in law her husband was also turned into a little sissy b****

  • Been thinking of doing this.... she is very old but i see she still thinks about her sexuality.. I honestly would help her out... I do have a 3.5 inch erect p**** but i don't think she would care.. She is 87.... it would be very gentle to her. thinking of just walking out naked infant of her first to see her reaction... say i forgot she was there... on her visit.. the s** part would be done so gentle...

  • She will have a wrinkly old p****. My MIL is 60

  • Update: Back at the in laws last night (as we're currently staying there), I tried to keep a low profile but my MIL kept making comments about small things and giving me funny looks. My wife just kept giggling. My father in law went out for his weekly bowling night. Whilst watching tv, my wife said my MIL wants to have a go, looking at my confused face, she giggled again and my MIL said she wants a sissy to try to tease. Before I knew what was happening I was upstairs on the bed, just in my boxers, my wife quickly pulled them off, my d*** was hard up my MIL still giggled. My wife started stroking my d*** with her thumb and finger again and she told my MIL to try it, she was hesitant now it had actually come to it. She held my d*** and slowly started stroking. She was not too good at it but I was stil turned on big time. My wife handed her the d**** and told her to tell me to suck it. She did but not convincingly, she was definitely freaked out. She was about to stop but I grabbed hand and guided the d**** to my mouth and started sucking, then I adjusted her hand stroking my d*** and showed her the rythym to have.

  • Then I said to talk to me. She took a few deep breaths and then said (I'll quote as close as I can) "you like that you sissy b****? You like your mother in law stroking your tiny, pathetic, baby d***? The dog has a bigger d*** than you. My grandson has a bigger d*** than you. And you're sucking the d**** like a b**** would. Your tiny d*** is disgusting and so small, that's why my daughter must f*** all those big d*** guys. Do you want your mother in law to f*** you ass and stroke your tiny d***?" And with that I can everywhere! All over myself, the sheets, even over my MIL. It was crazy, I wasn't expecting to hear all of that. My wife was gasping and laughing. That was nearly as good as the night before!
    This morning at breakfast she gave me a cheeky smile and just served me a tiny sausage and squirted mayo all over my plate and giggled. Then she said the dog got the bigger sausage as he's got the bigger d***. FFS. Not sure what has been started now.

  • That s*** would p*** me off.

  • My wife strokes my d*** while my. Mother in law says all crazy stuff to me on the phone and I c** in my pants. The find it hilarious and I get to c**. Winner winner

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