I have a question

What do you do when everyone around you is falling apart? This is real question, I need advice, thank you.

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  • Don't let yourself be brought down with them is your primary concern. But if its people you care about doing what you can to steer them to people who can help them and lend your moral support. And you might consider talking to professionals in whatever is pulling them down. Be it depression, drugs/alcohol, financial problems and get advice. Just be sure you don't get sucked into whatever is pulling them down.

  • Don't allow their issues to consume your life. Be honest with yourself about how they'll bring you down and walk your own path.

  • You suck c*** like you mean it w****.

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  • Don't fall apart along side them. Be there for them if they're friends and family as best you can. But you can only do so much. Don't take on other people's problems upon yourself. Or take them on to the point you're falling apart too. You still have to keep on keeping on. And for the love of God don't become an enabler. And be honest. If some of the problems are ones people brought upon themselves, tell them. You're trying to help, not be liked.

  • Wise words.

  • Avoid everybody's drama except your own.

  • Let go and let it happen. Meditate and understand how little you can control anything. It’s liberating

  • You visit a female friend,or a friend with a wife/gf, and go to the bathroom.
    You open the laundry hamper and find her dirty used knickers.
    Then you sniff,lick and rub them all over your face as you jack.
    That my friend will bring you happiness.

  • Ha ha.. I'm a straight girl so, while I'm sure you meant well, I won't be following your suggestion

  • Urgh. Did you REALLY engage with pantytard? That just encourages it, you know.

  • Thank you for the advice, I'll try to remember that!

  • I dunno,try it ,you may like it haha

  • Yep,I'm with you mate!!! Love sniffing dirty panties!!!!! The smell gets me high and puts a smile on my face!

  • Uh... welcome to life, I guess? If you really need advice, details > vagueness.

    Prayer does exactly bupkis. But if you want to appear to be all pious and holy while doing exactly jack $hit, knock yourself out. Those clasped hands could be doing something useful for those who need it, but don't tell your average god-botherer. They think they're saving souls for baby jeebus, bless their simple self-righteous little hearts!

  • I like what you said

  • Pray for them

  • Idiot.

  • Engage yourself completely in some activity these thoughts won’t bother you . People come and go, don’t expect things to go your ways

  • You open up and give


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