I am lost

I loved him and I loved that our love is a secret that no one knew. we are young but felt like it was meant to be we were happy but yet weren't able to spend the time together, they got between us and yet I hoped that you would come back as you said and you kept changing your mind while my heart broke more till you said 'we are done' it took me a while never really recovered. made myself look bad so you could look like the good guy I get made fun of till this day.just to see you saying you are with another girl the thought is quite f***** up I had a boyfriend and I broke up with him because I am a mess so do you still get the good out of it.

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  • Right now you are feeling low bcuz you are suffering from relationship failure. You weep alone and expect that he might come back or give you a call. I won’t tell you to that it is gonna be ok as the time we get a wound it pains and it pains alot. Just distract yourself avoid the stuff which reminds you of him....i am male had 6 years with this girl and happily married but i still expect her to come back at the same time i know this is not going to happen

  • Should of given him


    Then he would of stayed

  • Sir you are that fungus that comes out after rubbing a d***

  • This is the best insult I've ever seen

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