More fun in adult video store

Been to this particular adult video store a few times but never went in the booths. One time I was outside and lured a guy into the woods and we played with each others c**** and then he got down and blew me. First time I ever had my c*** in a guys mouth. I came nicely and he said "nice load bro"

This week I went in the store twice. Walked around the booths a few guys were there but I didn't go in one of the booths that had a glory hole, In the booth I watched a video took my c*** out and jerked a bit and then I left.

I went back a few days later and there were again a few guys. this time I walked by them and shot a few crotch looks and went in one of the booths. Locked the door and started watching video. In seconds there was a guy in the next booth. His moth was immediately in the hole (actually a long slot). I didn't feed my c*** into his mouth because I wanted some c*** badly. I am a little chicken of catching something in there so I am a little conservative otherwise I would be in there a lot ; ). And then he put his hand through the slot and I put my c*** in his hand then I reached my hand in for his. He stuck it through the hole and I grabbed it. Love holding other guys c****. Only my 4th one. I rubbed it and squeezed it for a bit and then I went down and rubbed my tongue on his silky helmet and rubbed it along the length of his c***. He was about 6 inches and nicely shaped.

Then I did something I haven't done before and put my c*** next to his and held them together in my fist. Felt sooooo good to have these two c**** in my hand. I almost blew my load on him I heard someone try to get in the booth 2x. I should have maybe left the door unlocked and had 2 strange c**** to play with together. that's for next time. He leaned in said lets go to the other booth and he left. When I came out there was the other guy standing there and my guy was gesturing for me to go to the larger booth with him. At that point I baled out and went home. Getting more daring. More stories to confess later, I'm sure.

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  • I want c***

  • First time I went I heard the infamous knock at the door. Not really thinking I would be bothered the knock came back. It was a nice looking younger white make. He asked if I wanted any company. Also said he was new to this as myself. We both watched the movie when he pulled his c*** and started to stroke it. I really thought he was way much bigger than mine. Soon he sat by me and started to rub my bulge. Without thinking I grabbed his c*** and just imagined my wife taking his different c*** size. He was much thicker girth wise and before you know he was stroking my c*** and sucking. All I could imagine was my wife taking him and before you know it I shot off in his mouth. I had no idea how this would finish but he was perfect till the end. Swallowed my load until soft. He then praised me for my load saying it was his first swallowing ever. He said his wife was pushing him as she talked about the many guys she was with and they wanted to experience it together but he couldn’t wait. It was one of the most memorable bj’s ever

  • That's so f****** hot. Cant wait to swallow my first load. You and your wife are going to have a lot of fun!

  • I’ve had a few experiences at adult bookstores and the booths. The one I go to has a hidden patio that you can walk to. My first time I walked down the path and saw a guy with his c*** out. He walked to me and had me stroke him then he pulled my pants down and got behind me. That’s the first time I had ever been topped.

  • Where are these store. Im in Northeast Ohio and our stores dont have booths or arcades

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