Don't Love My Mother

I would never say this aloud to anyone other than a therapist, but...I don't think I love my mother. She wasn't truly abusive or negligent, but she is the most unhappy person I've ever known, and as long as I have known her she has brought misery wherever she goes.

Still, despite being well aware that I will probably never be able to please her no matter what I do, I still find myself trying harder with her than with anyone else.

I'm 35 now and the mother of two young children. I know that my focus should be on my family, but I let my mom take up more headspace than I can even believe.

I am scared stiff that my children will someday feel about me as I do about my mother. In a way, her bad example serves as a constant reminder that I should be better.

I don't love my mother, but I can't cut her out of my life, and I just want her to be happy. I hope that I can get past this.

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  • Honestly, same.

  • I think you do love your mother... you love her enough to put her potential happiness, which may never come, above your own. You just don't like her.

    I'm currently living with my SO and his brothers until I can get back on my own feet. Their mom lives with them. She is the neediest, most miserable, and manipulative "victim" that I have ever come across in my life, and that is saying a lot. My anxiety revs up around her. Her sons can't stand her and resent her for causing so many setbacks in their life - even to this day. She constantly interferes because she needs the attention and validation... yet, despite all of this, they still take care of her because she is their mother, they for her well-being, and they love her.

    It's okay to be frustrated and even overwhelmed by your mom... and it's also okay to not want to be around her. Eventually, I hope you realize that it's also okay to actually limit your interactions with her because she is the creator of her world just as you are, and you deserve happiness.

  • I understand, I really do. Been there done that and she was a pain in my butt even after she died. I got to clean up all her messed up legal work and her stuff.

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