Stupid gay thoughts

I get gay thoughts inside my head, and I get turned on by the thought of being with another guy. Then, immediately after I release, I’m disgusted by it all. It’s so fücked up, because I never see a guy when I’m out and think: damn he’s so hot.

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  • Where else would the gay thoughts be?

    I wonder if I'm gay sometimes, but then I realise I just like to be jacked off in other guy's a****.

  • Sometimes we fantasize about the things we really want. Sometimes we fantasize about things that we wouldn't ever actually want. Both are okay. Don't stress about it. You don't need to define yourself or categorize your fantasies. Have fun. Enjoy, whether in private or exploring with someone else. F*** the haters.

  • You've probably watched too much p***. That's what happens, your mind goes everywhere looking for the next 'high.' Desensitized.

  • Lol it,is,okay. I do the same. I j*** of to d*** but never want to f***,a,guy nor f*****. EVER

  • I’m not really sure what to make of it, but I’ve decided to not act on it. Because I know I would probably regret it.

  • Would you have gay thoughts while my d*** was in your ass?

  • I really enjoy sucking men off while I'm wearing my full brief panties... Vanity Fair full brief panties are the sexiest... makes me swallow all of their c**... yummy

  • If I've had to much 90 proof peppermint schnapps, I've walked around really late at night in my neighborhood just wearing my full brief panties and bra outside.... from time to time I get lucky and a guy sees me and I'll suck him off to cumpletion

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