Secret SIL plan

I would just like to start by saying that I love my husband very much and do not want cheat on him at all.

But however I want my son in law' and this is now beyond a fantasy.
I know he wants me, he has groped and fondled me many times always making it out to be a accident or as it was nothing.
Passing the baby to me and blatantly feeling my t***, feeling my ass when we was in the back of the car saying he couldn't get the seat belt in, it does not take 15 minutes! But he kept squeezing my ass.

I want him and for years now i imagine my husband is him when we make love.
But now I have my chance, soon we will be doing courses together, alone at last.

If he was willing, I would leave my husband for him,
I can imagine our wedding night....
I will let do anything to me and I mean anything?! I can't wait to feel his mouth in mine and definitely giving me oral while I give him oral.

No negative comments please this was hard to do for me, all encouragement welcome, thank you

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  • Don't waste your life. Go for it. If he gives you so much pleasure, you are entitled to that. Let him shove his big d*** into you and give you the thrill you no longer get from hubby. Tell him he can use you any way he wants. That should really bring him around. Think of the things you could do. You should tell him you would totally serve him in any way! ANYTHING he wants. Even kinky things. Worship his body and get your thrills. You only live once.

  • Just keep it a sexual fantasy. Cut back on the flirting. Watch situations where you are trapped and allow the touching too much.
    The daughter found him first. So you think he dreams of you when having s** with your daughter?

  • Oh this is sexy. I frequently touch my mother in law, I squeeze past her in narrow space, sliding my hands across her bum, grazing her t***, I once even let my hand slide against her crotch. Often I sit on the floor near her, her on the sofa, so when she sits one leg over the other, her gorgeous foot is usually resting on my hip, and now and again has touched my d***.

    I once when very drunk, grabbed her ass, kissed her neck and said she was so sexy. She was sober so nothing more happened. Once drunken at the dining table, she stroked her foot up my leg and along my d*** and gave me an erection which she knows.

    I wish more could happen.

  • Thank you for your support we haven't done anything as yet but are doing a course together next week, so cross my fingers, thank you four you support and hopefully we will be together soon

  • There are a lot of in laws and steps that want the other person. My dad married a woman half his age. She is about 6 years older than I am. I didn't like the b**** and let it be known every time she was around. Truth is she really wasn't that bad of a person, I was just an a****** teenager. I used to tell her to die and leave. So one day she asked me if I wanted to go have a fun day just her and I. I first told her to f*** off but she told me she would take me to the new go kart track I had been wanting to go to. I still said no, but she told me pizza was on her. I finally said yes and we left together. The day had come to an end and we had returned home. My dad was gone to the bar with his friends. My step mom and I had a great day and we were joking around. I accidentally rubbed against her t*** reaching for a pen. So she commented that we must be getting along for me to rub her t***. It really was an accident but I went with it and said she must not like me because she didn't rub my d***. She laughed and reached down rubbing my crotch. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my d***. She told me couldn't have s** but she would show me her t***. Then she flashed me. We have been getting along better now and I keep making s** comments to her. I will f*** her eventually.

  • Why don’t you give him a try? My mother in law gave me a hug a couple of years ago and rubbed my crotch after that she always teases me down there and ask me if I think about her. We started a sexual relationship and do it every once and a while.

  • I wish you were my mother in law we would have an amazing time go for it have fun. I want my mother in law badly. Good luck!!!!!!

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