I asked my mom for a bare bottom spanking

A long time ago I was feeling pretty down I was eating dinner and my mother asked what’s wrong I was like do you love me? She says yes honey I told her I don’t feel like it she said what why would you say that I said I don’t know, we kept eating and she kept poking me with questions I kept ignoring her then we were doing dishes and I told her um you’ve never given me a true bare bottom spanking I heard her laugh and say are you srs I beat you all the time when you were a kid you don’t think I love you I grinned and said I want you to give me a bare bottom spanking! She put her hands on her hips and grabbed her belt she took me upstairs and yelled at me then she yanked my pants down finding out that I was wearing panties I blushed she was like well what do we have here... are you my son or are you my princess, I’m murmured princess i... was being bent over her lap the first strokes did not hurt then it started to hurt and I glanced at the mirror my ass was blazing on fire and I was crying like a little b**** then my dad came home and they went upstairs and talked I could hear how angry he was he came down stairs with his belt and garb me yelling at me he wore my ass out till it was solid back and then he made me pull my panties up and the new house rule says since I’m a princess I have to
1 sit down and pee
2 wear a dress at all times
3 do all the dishes and laundry
I’m 27 and that was last week


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  • Total fantasy BS

  • You get an A in creative writing class.

  • Yes my mom is a total b**** and still spanks me

  • I got cought skipping school yesterday..

  • Did you get harsh spanking you deserved?

  • My daughter gets wet when i spank her!

  • Do u f*** her while shes wet

  • If you ate a woman then ok but if a man it sounds incestuous

  • Is it on bare ass otk

  • I still remember the last time my mother ever spanked me. I was twelve years old and had skipped school with a friend to go fishing. Well we got caught and the truant officer took us home. My mother still thought of me as a child and told me she was going to spank me . She is sitting on a chair and tells me to drop my pants, then says underwear too. I do as I'm told and lay across her lap. My mother hadn't thought it through as she was only wearing a skirt. You know what happens to a boy when his d*** is rubbing against smooth skin, yep I got a full blown erection as she slapped my ass. It took her a bit to notice and when she let me up there was clear traces of precum on her thighs. she never spanked me again!

  • Can I come to your house and I will make a bet with her if she can get me to cry when I'm over here knees and beat my ass and if she can get me to cry 15 minutes I will give her 100 and she can do it harder and faster and I will just cry

  • Ha ha ha

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