I tried to seduce my sister

Hello guys today i want to confess about my relationship with my younger sister . When i was 16 years old I started grewing fellings for my sister who is 2 years younger then me . As we share the same bed and room i tried to hug my sister at night . And then after a weak i grabed her milk junkies . I feel guilty about it some times but i also want to be the guy who always have my sisters back . So we talk everyday and share things with each other . And after a month a was unable to control my hard rod so I grabbed my sisters milk junkies and started sucking it . She was pretending to be asleep and feeling pleasure . She likes it to so we started doing it every night but she never open her eyes . One day she tries to put my hard rod inside her private part but I don’t want to take her virginity so I refused and went asleep . But next night i put protection and start doing a n a l with her . Still she never open her eyes . But soon i went to boarding school and it ends. But now i start my college and came back home she started watching p o r n with me . And help my j e r k ing me off . We kissing everyday now . I rejected my girls because i love my sister and i want her now we do a*** with each other every Saturday. But she never gave me a b******* and b oo b job and still i feel happy when my rod get inside her .
So guys it’s Saturday night and i will have a n a l with her tonight after this confession . I am 18 now and she is 16 . She is still dont open her eyes and have s e x only when pretending to be asleep . And i dont mind it at all .
I share this thing with you because i feel like it . Having s** with your sister is not a bad thing but guys respect her dont use her . I am from india and its very difficult to have a relationship even with a cousin . But we do all kinds of things and never share our secret with anyone . Thanks to this site i share my secret with you guys .
All the guys and girls who have attraction towards sibling do it dont wait it but dont by force but do it by love .
And as a bye i want to tell you a last private thing that she is grabbing my p e n i e s and jer king me off and she looks like asleep . Maybe she want to have fun because its saturday night . Leave comments guys and let me know about your stories to .
Bye ❤️🤟❤️😘😀

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