Tiny Italian girl

Broke up with my long time girlfriend 6 months ago and moved into a basement apartment near Bristol, Pa., its in the rear of a private house. Its small and old fashioned but affordable for me. They built a half assed wall that blocks off their laundry room from my apartment. It seems to be a single layer of paneling with no insulation and I can hear the washer and dryer like its in my room. The landlady is an older women who barely speeks English and I hardly ever see her husband. Their daughter is Carmella who is 22, 5 ft. nothing, under 100 lbs. and ugly as sin. I eat out or get take after work every day or stop at the pub for a few beers. I'm never there til at least after 8 pm almost every night. The first week I moved in, one night I came in and the light bulb blew out. I noticed light coming from each side of the paneled wall where they forgot to turn off the laundry room light. I went over to it and could see into the laundry room. Didn't think much about it until a few nights later when as soon as I came in the door the laundry room light when out. I intentionally went over by the left side of the wall and Carmella must also be a moron because I could hear her moving around and sometimes heard her breathing. It was obvious to me she has been looking through the two openings into my apartment.

I almost said something to her but just decided to let her see me undress which she probably already had. I was never the type to go around naked all the time but after I take my shower I do stay in my underwear. Carmella is in the laundry room at night at least 3 times a week and I am positive she's there to look at me. I never did anything like this before but once it became apparent she was watching me so much I began staying naked after my shower. She can't see into the bathroom but I just come out naked every time I know she's watching me. I didn't right away but shortly started letting her see me m********* and made sure I turn on all my lights and lamps. Its become fun and arousing for me knowing she sees me naked so often. I talk to her sometimes and she is so stupid she mentions tv shows or sporting events I had on my tv while she was watching me. Yesterday she actually asked me who won a basketball game I had been watching the night before. I'm 35 and m********* more than I have since being in my teens. As long as I know she is in the laundry room I let her watch me undress and dry off after my shower. I either m********* standing up near the wall opening or lay in my bed doing it. She is only 5 or 6 ft. away and doesn't seem to care if I can hear her moving back and forth. I intentionally walk naked from one side of the wall to the other and can hear her walking the same way. Its became pleasurable for me but at the same time its actually funny how she reacts and the things she says to me.

Mar 13, 2019

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  • Hold up a sign telling her to come to your room. Make sure she is on the pill and use condoms.
    You might even get good meals and a rent discount.

  • The ugly ones have the nicest body's

  • You really need to walk into the laundry room naked turn on the lights and stand there right in front of her and she how she reacts. She may be ugly but she may also be a great f***

  • Sounds like a spinner do her and keep your eyes closed

  • .....those little w** chicks have the best puss....it don't even matter what they look like...….

  • I speak from experience,I only go for ugly chicks as they're so easy,plus,you'd be surprised how most of them have smoking hot bodies!!! And the best looking and tastiest pu$$ys !! Seriously,go for it,bang her all night long,you wont regret it!

  • Amen, brother!

  • I know she's ugly, but OMMFG dude! She's got uses and she's got needs: F*** HER, for f***'s sake. And for hers. No promises, no commitment, make it clear to her. Just tell her that the two of you are going to start f****** like rutting animals, and it may -- or may not -- go on for the rest of your lives. Give her what she is clearly after: give her the d***!

  • Offer to f*** her

  • This could be fiction or she may have video of you on a phone.

  • You should get a pair of her dirty panties and let her see you sniffing them as you play with yourself! See what her reaction to that is lol

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