I have a super sexy wife with an amazing body
love when my wife dresses an exposed clothes showing her amazing b**** and tights on the booty and short showing the sexy legs
I love when i see men looking at her body
When we go for clubbing
I don’t mind when they hit on her and flirt when im not around and I give the chance for that to happen this drives me h**** as h***
However she feels shy to dress like that all the time as everyone is looking at her beauty
How can I convince her that this okay and to keep doing it and not to be shy to show her beautiful body
Any suggestions?

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  • Sounds hot....try flashing truckers, they love it.

  • Nothing you can say will convince her. She is either that kind of person or not. My husband loves when I dress slutty too. I have gone out with no panties and no bra, but I also have to body to pull it off. My breast sit where they are supposed to, not down to my waist, so it's easy for me. I wouldn't do it if I didn't have a nice body though. I would be scared people would judge me, including my husband.

  • Wow that’s awesome... I love that type of lifestyle and sharing too. Sexy high heels are an absolute must also. My late fiancé passed Dec 2014 and we enjoyed so many sexy & freaky things. Watching my wife/gf suck another guys c*** is The biggest turn on for me and her being so turned on by it and it turning me on, made me just gush c** for her. I’m SOOOOready for someone else to be with me now that it hurts and is depressing. I have her blessing but Finding someone is proving impossible. I’d love to hear your feedback on it. Lol! My c*** is rock hard right now as I stroke it, imagining my wife dressed a sexy and slutty but classy as possible and guys hitting on her then finally looking at me as she takes his big c*** into her hot mouth her p**** soaking wet because I LOVE sharing her holes fora night here and there. It’s so satisfying for us both because we know that no matter what, it is all only for the desires of our maximum mutual pleasure. We only had time to experience a little of this lifestyle. My problem is that I don’t think I could be happy if I don’t have a gf that is turned on 100% by wearing sexy shoes and clothes for me and enjoying me watching and sharing her this way. Does it turn you on? You were here recently I hope so much you c** back and chat with me.... c****** now! Ciao!

  • I can talk to her is she there now?

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