Obsessed with women's tights and knickers

I'm a 38 year old man, 100% straight and absolutely love women who wear tights. I have a really bad obsession with women's tights and knickers especially tights. The thing is it has got to the point where I can not stop stealing them from women or teenage girls at any given chance. I love wearing them whenever I can. I have stolen so many from lots of different women. I have stolen so many from a really sexy auntie and two really sexy step daughters. I really love wearing a pair of their knickers and tights while being in the same room with them and them not knowing. I know that it is wrong but just cannot stop doing it, why do I do this?



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  • Why not just buy your own. They actually sell man sexy panties and lingerie. Amazon is one of them. Or is it that u like worn panties?

  • Worn panties are special. Knowing that they were worn by a certain woman and enjoying her smell is something that you could not just buy in a store. That's not it, nowhere near.

  • Fetish. Normal thing, but overwhelming majority of women are not OK with this, so be careful. Older women are likely to be OK with it if you are a young man, but women or girls in their 20's are the real b******. I like to m********* and wear women's worn pantyhose and panties. I also stole a few pairs of pantyhose from dirty laundry from my female cousins, friends and my aunt.

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