Beaten by little sister

My baby sister has been strong enough to beat me for quite some time now. I was 20 and she was 12 when I first challenged her strength. I am not sure what happened before that moment because her strength overwhelmed me so much that I was so embarrassed and humiliated that it even happened, especially with her friend there. Her friend just sat there in amazement and laughter because she witnessed her pre-teen friend overpower her older adult brother quite easily. The first thing I remember is my sister lifting me up off the ground and flipping me over her hip. She proceeded to sit on my chest and show me how helpless and weak I was at that time. She started to tickle me relentlessly until I was crying and asked if I was going to mess with her again? I pleaded with her to let me up and tears were running down my eyes. She seemed to not have to put much effort into overpowering me either. She sternly asked who boss was multiple times as she wanted to hear me beg and concede to her. After every amount of energy was used trying to get her off my body was dead and I couldn't move any of my limbs. She then smiled at me and told me that she made me her b****. She got off of me and helped me sit up wrapping her arms around me and holding me while kissing my forehead. I remember falling asleep in her arms and noticed I was carried to my bed after I woke up. 15 years later I'm still being dominated by my sister. We have armwrestled, wrestled and other competitions which any of them that deal with a test of strength she wins although I am more skilled than her at all other sports. One of the most embarrassing things is that she sat on my face and would fart on my face and she has done this many times to continue to remind me of her dominance. While she was growing up in her teenage years, she would have her same friend join in on her dominating me which was many hours of farting and sitting on my face, she would force me to worship her and her friends feet. I would give them foot rubs every night. It got to the point where they would force me to suck on their toes and lick the soles of their feet. I would get turned on mostly by worshipping her friends feet. They both had a sweet aroma and taste to them. One day after I moved out my daughter and her friend came to stay the night my apartment. Prior to arriving my daughter sent me a text asking if I was ready to be her b**** tonight. At the time she was 17 and even stronger at that time. I messaged back saying "I'm not your b****." She replied saying "oh but you are my b****, you belong to me and you will do as you're told or I will put you over my knee!" I don't know why but I got extremely turned on by that statement and I'm not sexually attracted to my baby sister. They came over and right away wanted me to rub and worship their feet. My sister said as I was sucking her friends toes that her friend wants to date me. At that time her friend was already 18. I looked up and said "I don't know if it's a good idea." She got a stern look on her face and said "look I said earlier that you belong to me and now you will date my best friend and you will like it." I suddenly got scared because I realized she was serious and that I now had no choice in the matter. I always liked her friend and never thought I was going to be ever able to date her but was happy that this point came. I just never thought I would be forced by my little sister to date her friend. That night was the night she lost her virginity to me. We are still together now and have two kids together. Although she is of equal physical strength I have grown accustomed to being dominated by her as well. My baby sister still comes around and physically dominates me still to this day.


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  • Long and fake with a fake reply. Seen this maybe four times. Or each pretty much the same. Grades.

  • I wish it was fake, do you think I enjoy getting bullied by my little sister. I enjoy being with my wife as it is fun to play with her. But having your sister be mean all the time sucks.

  • Stfu femboy,your story is fake,and we all think you're an immature c.u.n.t

  • My Sister, 3 years older than me ALSO dominated me. When I turned 11 she was put in charge of me when my parents would leave town most weekends.
    I wet my bed, and she would order me to undress in front of her and get in the tub for my bath. If I refused she would bring another girl over, pin me down, then tell the other girl she could strip me if she wanted to. As a bedwetter, I was AT LEAST 10 times shyer than even the typical 11 year old boy, and by the time I was down to my underwear I would be struggling like mad. Once her friend removed my underwear I would bawl like a baby as they both ogled my bald uncircumcised p****. Then her and her friend would wash me EVERYWHERE, including washing my "privates" for at least 5 minutes!
    The worst was when my sister would have slumber parties, inviting at least a dozen girls, half who would be from MY class. After everyone had "bathed" me thoroughly, she would make me pee into a cup while the girls watched, then tell me I couldn't get dressed until I'd drank it.
    Her other method of humiliating me was to take me to a local park with her boyfriend and have him ask who wanted to pay to watch me pee. There would always be at least a half dozen boys who would follow us into the bathroom and watch as he took my shirt off then walked me to a trough-style urinal and
    pulled my pants down to my ankles. I can still see the smirks on these boys faces as he would pull my underwear down and force me to urinate in front of boys barely half my age! Then she would usually invite these boys back to my house to "Play Doctor" with me. At the age of 13 when I e********* in front of a group of first graders, I attempted suicide.

  • Im sorry your sister did that ok and mine is real mean too me also xxxx

  • This is from the guy above you. If you're reading this, what did she do to you?

  • Hi and i hate her so much

  • Hi and i hope you talk with me an my sister is so bad ok

  • Please share with me what your sister did to you! Or DOES to you?

  • Please answer me ok

  • My mom lets her spank me and she is in charge when mom. goes too work and some times she does it with her her friends and baths me

  • I hate my dumb sister kkk

  • Im 11 and my sister bullys me and is allowed to spank me

  • Ass whooped

  • It was really his dad

  • Why does my login dont work

  • Charles Manson has locked you out

  • Nice 1

  • Cheers šŸ˜ have you looked on youtube, Charles Manson's epic answer! Plus the remixes are a good laugh too

  • Has she got downs syndrome? As they're b***** strong!

  • No, she doesn't have downs syndrome, she has been in gymnastics since she was 3. She also played soccer and rugby.

  • Must have a powerClit on her then!

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