Crazy night

My room mate and I along with her boyfriend went out last night clubbing and after we got home I went and crawled into bed, I got changed into my night shirt and then went to the kitchen for a drink, We were all pretty wasted but I walked into the living room on my way to the kitchen and walked in on them.
They were sitting on the couch and she was giving him a handie while he rubbed her, I have never done the mutual thing but they were having fun, They didn't even stop and she just looked at me, I couldn't stop watching them and she just smiled at me, She cleared a spot on the coffee table in front of them and I sat right in front of them. He is bigger than I expected, Longer and thicker than I thought he would be and I already knew she looked good naked, I sat across from them watching as they touched each other and she put one of her feet between mine pushing my foot to the side, I knew what she wanted and thought for a second before leaning back on my hands.
I still had my knees together but she slid her foot up my leg and spread my knees, No one was saying a word but I spread my legs and leaned back watching them, I was sooooo h**** but just sat there watching them as they stared at me, I puled my shirt off sitting completely nude in front of them, they weren't even looking at eachother just staring at me as I stared at them, I wanted to touch myself but instead I leaned forward closer to them and then he stood up, She slid over behind him and I got on my knees.
I went to lean forward and she put her hand on my chest holding me back, She looked at me and he grunted, I opened my mouth and he shot his load in my mouth, I kept trying to lean forward to suck him but she kept holding me back so his tip was just in front of my mouth, He shot in my mouth, On my chin and on my chest then his legs went wobbly and he sat back down. I swallowed and then everything got super awkward and everyone grabbed their clothes and went to their rooms, I haven't left my room yet and am so embarrassed.

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  • Don't be embarrassed. You sound really sexy. He's probably still thinking about you.

  • Great story.

  • Yawn. Grow up fucktard

  • Fake story

  • Person above, everyone's is a fake story

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