I can't help it

I love Montana Tucker.

Mar 30, 2019

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  • But Montana Tucker doesn't love YOU.

    *sad trombone*

  • You dirty fu.cker,loving Montana tucker!

  • Don't know what you mean, but she is the best ever. The best actress, best dancer, best singer, and most beautiful. She's Montana! And I love her!

  • No harm meant by it, was just a rhyme using her name ,truth is I've never heard of her,but I'll check her out!!

  • Cool!!! i love your attitude!!!!

  • I had a look at her and yeah,she's hot!!!

  • I knew you'd love her! She's amazing! And she's going to have a huge career. And you and I will have known about her longer than anybody. Once she starts winning awards, we can say we loved her first!

  • Haha I'm with you there brother!!
    I'm gonna tribute a pic of her to cement my part of our claim!!

  • LOVE IT!

  • I tried looking for nudes of her but sadly none yet! Come on fappening guys lol!
    Also,don't you think she looks a bit like Megan markle,with the freckles?
    But thanks man,for putting this babe in my life 😁

  • I'd never thought of that, but I think you're right! They are very similar. One difference: the way Montana moves surely shows how good she must be at s**. If you haven't checked out a dance video of Montana's, do that. Megan can't dance like Montana, and so I have to believe she can't s*** like Montana either. Montana is the bomb.

  • God yes she can move! I would love to get hold of her wet panties after her dance routines!! Bet they smell amazing! And yep,Meghan isn't a patch on her,she's a w**** anyways,leaving us for f****** England,she'll come unstuck soon!

  • Total truth, my man! Every word you wrote. Love it. And I love your thinking.

  • We should jack each other off whilst looking at pics of her!!

  • OMG.....you really ARE a hot piece of ass, aren't you! I love how dirty you and I love how you think. I want your c***!

  • Take it mate,we can c********** and it wont be gay as we're looking at pics of Montana!!

  • Just so you'll know and not be surprised...….once I have your c*** in my hand and have been stroking you for awhile (looking at Montana together), there's a good chance that I'll fall to my knees in front of you, slip you into my mouth, and then into my throat, and then start sucking you like m************ MADMAN!! In fact...I'm imagining that very thing just now, as I sit here stroking my own d***, and as I happily dream of slurping your meat. You reach down and take my head in your hands and begin f****** my neck rudely and calling me crude (but true) names, and saying, "Tell me I'm better than your wife, tell me I'm better than your mistress, tell me I'm better than Montana", and I admit, "It's all true". With that serial-killer-c*** of yours, how could I not admit that? "Yes, it's true", I tell you, "You're better than all of them...combined", and you say, "Whose b**** are you?", and I say, "I am YOUR b****". And then you c**. And you keep c******. And c******. And c****** and c****** and c******. You keep c****** until you've emptied your n****** into my belly.

  • My god, you people need a real hobby.

  • We have one: it's finding you and raping you to within an inch of your life.....or less.

  • Eek, stop, you're scaring us. Big bad keyboard warrior gonna find me and rape me, oh noes.

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