The world is doomed

There is no hope for humanity. Liberalism has taken over the West, along with the inferior races invading the white man's land. The Juden rule us all, and have screwed the masses over to serve them all. We shall soon be enslaved by the globalists. All those who have stood against them have been killed or silenced. Armed resistance may kill off some of them, but it is now futile. The only solution is nuclear purification. Enjoy your life while you still can.

Signed, a minority.

Mar 30, 2019

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  • You are right you small white world is doomed. but new flash iit is no ones fault but your own white folk. while the world moves forward you dig your heels in.

  • Haha, NO. I don't agree with OP in the slightest, but I regard racists of all colors the exact same way-- they're f****** idiots. Yes, this includes you-- and yes, I have now decided you are black, deal with it. Now go freak out about that and demand equality while screaming that I need to "stay in my own lane" at the same time. Then go throw shade at brothers and sisters one or two shades different from your own.

    WTF is up with that, anyway? Blacks are always crying about how racist every single white person is (talk about a racist belief), while looking down on darker fonts and making c**** comments about lighter-skinned ones. That's one racist thing I have never heard from a single white person ever-- parsing Caucasian skin tones and making nasty judgments. Reddish, beige-ish, transparent... white be white, end of. Too bad a certain variety of blacks, who love to play "perpetual victim", can't say the same. Fuggin' racist losers!

  • If you are so superior why is your face failing while mine is prospering? Guess it sucks to be you. Get used to it, worlds not ending. Just privileged a**** such as yourself having tantrums.

  • We need a strong right wing winner take all kinda guy in charge. Someone who will end all socialist ideology. Who needs a road when you have a helicoptor and your own private physician. Let the losers fight for the crumbs.

  • I'm not exactly living in fear of a person who can't spell "helicopter". Pretty sure the only one you'll ever own is the model one your mommy bought you for your 7th birthday.

  • The only thing missing from ^this^ message is the following: "And I am exactly that kinda guy. Signed, Donald J. Trump"

  • In crayon. LOL

  • You need to get out of your parent's basement and stop watching dystopian sci-fi movies.

  • I bet you wear white shirts & khaki's with a tiki torch in your car trunk

  • More like Signed, a Faux News loving fucktard

    KYS :)

  • It hasn't yet denied it loves faux news,all it does is make more and more alt-right noise instead.You pi**ed it off with truth, lol

  • Let me guess, you support socialism.

  • Do you use public streets? Ever called the cops? Do you have a Social Security Card? Congratulations, you are literally a card-carrying socialist whether you like it or not. Shut up.

  • You have no idea what socialism truly is. You confuse public services for government control. Here's a good idea, why don't you leave mommy and daddy's basement and go sign up for the military. That is if you are even old enough to.

  • All I'm hearing is "Fox News told me to say this"

  • Yeah, I don't even watch any of those fake news media's. Nice try though. Maybe one day when you grow up and stop sucking on your mommas t**, you'll understand. Until then you'll keep being brainwashed by whatever news or social media you use. Or maybe you will never learn and become just another ignorant lemming on your way to the sea.

  • Keep up the faux news soundbites,you're sounding smarter with every lame defensive post lol

  • Your girlfriend AOC is batshit crazy and dumber than dirt. Have you listened to the dumb b**** talk? She sounds like a f****** r*****. Everytime she talk, she says dumb s*** that is so wrong. Kind of like you.

  • Nice ASSumptions there, window licker :) Faux News lovers always think anyone who doesn't believe the exact same things they do is a crunchy liberal Democrat. Between that and the automatic "fake news" up there, you totally gave yourself away-- and like a typical MAGAT, just got louder and more petulant the more other people called you on your BS. Why did you stop? Were your Pop-Tarts ready?

  • Yep this one's a faux news puppet. Blame AOC because she a woman who isn't bought or is idealistic while your dog handler blows off his whistle and lessons our interest quietly behind the 148 character smoke screen you can't see thru.
    Whose really dumb & crazy.

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