My friend soanked me ?!!

I am 13 years old and I went to my friends house the other day. We were joking around and I was calling her a b**** like we always do and she then said “watch it or I’ll spank you” and I was like “haha ya ok” and we j kept playing around and s*** til my other friend came Over (let’s call him R) and my friend told R ab “what happened” and he laughed and said “watch it lil girl I’m grown and u ain’t so” and I was like “ya aight u old as s***” and he goes “that’s it” and we were laughing but then he deadass started spanking me like hard and I was like stop stop and he was like apologize for being disrespectful and so I was like f*** off b**** and he got some type of wood brush or sum and started with that and so I finally said sorry and he stopped but said he’d do it again if I “act up” and he was laughing so was my other friend and then like 5 days later he spanked me again harder with like a mf paddle or sum for Waugh linger like I was crying and he said “you thought I was playing with u last time but now ur doing stuff that’s actually gonna harm yourself if I ever see u doing this again ima do it on ur strait ass w a belt” (I was smoking weed) and like he said If I do sum else he’s gonna spank me once a week no matter what bc this is the 2nd time he’s caught me smoking. Anyways Ik he’s tryna look out for me and stuff and I rlly feel like I need more than he’s giving me bc I’m still smoking like 3x a week he j doesn’t know and I’m thinking ab j punishing myself so I don’t get caught. How should I do it?

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  • APPARENTLY you have reached the age of 13 and still haven't gotten your
    PERIOD. A period is something used in a paragraph at the end of each sentence in order to separate 1 thought from the next for clarity's sake. LOOK INTO IT!

  • Little girl and you need your Mommy's hairbrush applied too your bare bottom...

  • Little girl I would redden your a***

  • How

  • Answer me this minute..

  • Well

  • Rite on your bare bottom now take those panties off.

  • Listen little madam and answer me..

  • Little brat

  • I hope you stop being a brat

  • Brat

  • You need your bottom spanked red raw

  • How do I

  • Naughtie girl..

  • You there and how you getting on huggs.

  • Has your friend spanked you since

  • Yes 3 times (skipping school, being disrespectful, cursing out teachers, and weed)

  • ?how on your naked bum

  • No on my underwear

  • It should be your bare bottom

  • Please let me know you are ok sweetie huggs

  • Love too chat with you prescious huggs.

  • Poor girl

  • So what should I do

  • Well you there huggs.

  • Please dont smoke that stuff sweetheart. l'ts is so bad for you and i bet your very clever. l would hate too see one off our children doing that. l have two boy's and two girl's and one off my little girl's is your age hun. l hope you have a good day sweetheart huggs..

  • Well be thankfull i am not you mom. l would ground your for a long time with early bedtime. l would spank you before bed every evening for two week's after your shower..

  • You there sweetie..

  • Yeah, so what should I do??

  • Well sweetie

  • Answer me swertheart huggs

  • Talk too me baby girl huggs

  • ?. you there sweetheart huggs

  • Yes but u kinda doing allot can u j answer my question

  • I think you should talk too your mommy sweetheart and your a good girl. l for sure would smack your bare bottom huggs

  • Yeah I most def can’t talk to my mom 😂

  • I am here for you baby girl huggs

  • Please let me know your ok princess huggs

  • You there my baby girl huggs

  • Are you still smokeing baby girl huggs

  • I wish i could hugg you princess and i know you would be mad at me for discipline you. l would hold you and put lotion on your bottom baby girl.

  • Can you j tell me exactly how you would do it without being creepy ab it, like chill w allay “sweetie” “baby girl” and “princess” cus it’s slick creepy asf, ya I’m still smoking I’m like dumb high rn. But ya chill wit allay creepy ish it sounds like sum pedophilia slick no cap

  • Well are you there huggs

  • .? you still here huggs

  • Yes (I’m on a diferwnt acc but this is still me) I j stole from a store yesterday’s and I still think I should be spanked so how should I spank myself. How many? With what? Amount of cloths. Timeout or wedgie after? Should I do it every night or like 2x a week or sum like that? Please don’t ask if I’m here just answer my f****** questions Oml

  • Well little madam.

  • Little girl answer me when i talk too you. l would redden your little bare bum if you were one my daughter's or niece's and have you any aunt's or uncle's you trust huggs.

  • No my aunts are 12 hrs away and all my uncles are dead 😬

  • L am here it you would like too talk huggs

  • Talk over what

  • Get naked and go get your hairbrush and 50 spanks on each bum cheek snd if i was your mommy i would do it and put you too bed. how dare you steal you little madam..

  • I just got iss for a week for “disobedience and disorderly behavior “ such bs but what now b****

  • I will tann your little ass

  • How much and how hard and corner and wedgie too? Also every night or for how long

  • Listen little madam and i am here...

  • Ok sooooo

  • You are so cheeky and were you now..

  • McKay sooo

  • I can't talk if you don't answer me huggs

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