Keep your big mouth shut. Nobody wants your advice. You are a pathetic, narcissistic, mean, self hating criminal who had every break in the world and still f’d his life up. You are mean and jealous of others, and I still remember how bad you smell, chubby ass.
Keep it up, I will ruin you gumby

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  • F*** off and die d******, cause I dindu s*** to you mofucker

  • If you are going to speak to 1 person state something about them like age or area or nickname or first name or initials because if you just say "you" and "your" a lot of people assume you are addressing them and everyone and they get offended by your post.

  • Are you calling me a jail bird. I didn't abuse your kid and I am not a gumby. I am a female who was abused as a child, so don't steal someone else's suffering and make it your own is what some people are saying and I sort of agree. my parents wanted to own my suffering being abused for pity and sympathy so I told them off. its my issue not theirs and it didn't happen to them and I am the important one here not them. stop stealing someone else's issues or own it and wallow in it because you steal anything for pity and spot light back on you. stop it.

  • They probably thought you were talking about them, you didn't say who the jail bird was, man or woman, age, location or a bit more and a lot of people think you are talking about them when you don't explain more.

  • Wow, that is scary that so many people think it is about them, it is about a male on the west coast

  • That's OP's intent. To create drama by making some hardcore sounding "confession" and then not clarifying. Trailer trash needs a hobby

  • OP went around acting all badass ghetto except to you,, I think you nailed it!!

  • Who the H*** are you talking about?

  • I would just forgive and move on from them. just love everyone in a jesus way and don't allow them to harm you again. learn from it and move on from them.

  • But the Jesus way made my bum sore ? Did the catholic priest do it wrong?

  • ^^^^^ you are sick in the head

  • Not in the head. Opposite end. Stupid priest!

  • I want to sniff the OP's dirty panties, dirty black momma gonna leave some nice white stains for me to inhale!

  • Why do you always think everything is about you, your not even in the subject matter here. so go unload somewhere else. not everyone even thinks about you. I don't want to know you. stop being so rude and dirty to op.


  • That is stupid. you are not in the picture here. this is not about you dim wit.

  • You should prayer for her then and love just forgive and love.

  • Just imagine how bad her life must be then for all your insults and trolling and bullying. she must be in really bad pain if she is all that and your so perfect and clean whiskered.

  • Look whose talking to have a criminal around you just wait for the self hate in you ha, for what they did to you and how you will feel in years to come. ah!

  • I am glad this criminal is your problem and not my problem. so funny to see someone else suffer from a criminal for a change.

  • I’ve suffered from this criminal long enough. DONE

  • You are the criminal trolling this person. you would be surprised what people want to hear about and advice comes from odd places. how would you know if this person is so self hating unless you have acted in their self image problems then? if your so personal about the person. you are the a******. no one is the jail bird but you on here. stuck like a dead donkey. stop telling others to shut up ! everyone has rights. you are the troll bullying and labeling. grow up and stop putting your attention on to them and let them be. you probably drove them to criminality. and you smell with your ass too!

  • ^^^^^ you are right about one thing, this mommas boy isn’t self hating; he’s a silver spooned, narcissistic white supremicist

  • My @ss smells like roses. I’m not a criminal. Bye Felicia

  • Have a good look at yourself and stop being to judging of others and righteous. all it shows is how negative you are to others who have a different point of view. so you must be very self critical yourself. what makes you think people give a stuff about you or this person. can you insult this person enough yet?

  • He called my kid a N*gg*r, and physically assaulted him when he was younger

  • If he is black (your son) then yeah,he is a N*****!😅

  • Jokes on you fatboy

  • Harley Davidson fatboy? Anyway,hows your dead mom these days?

  • She’s good, she’s gonna haunt you Damien

  • Bring it b.itch

  • F@ck you parolee

  • Joke's on you, azzhole! Spotless record. I'm not dumb enough to get caught, or to hang around with idiots who do. My tires make good impressions on people like that :D

  • I would like to know if its his "chubby ass" that smells, or is he just a chubby that smells?

  • Chubby that smells

  • Oh god, you are describing the rapist who assaulted me there.

  • Nah, more fun to say he has poor a*** hygiene!

  • People who have been to jail usually do try, as you've seen, to do one of two things (or both): (a) make themselves seem above their prior bad behaviors, in order to deflect attention from the punishment; or (b) look educated, experienced and aware as to the ways of the world because of their incarceration. It's annoying, but you should just be grateful that you haven't had to travel their paths, and make every effort to avoid them while they are "pontificating" about how the world works and how we should all live in it. be patient and kind.

  • I wish my rapist /stalker was in jail. amen.

  • I wish I could suck the rapists co.ck after so I can taste you

  • Stick to stray dogs and closeted Republicans, like you've been doing

  • The more you talk about them and think about them its like laws of attraction drawing them in to harm you and they will and also you must wish everyone goodness never bad never shame because it could come back to you. if you call them fat, guess what you will end up fat. and so on. its just a karma. so be nice to everyone no matter what and you win. think good of people and they up their game for the better. its a thing like eastern karma. so be positive for everyone and it will come back to you.

  • Yeh, you call someone a fat chubby smelly jailbird then that is more likely to happen to you. you got to fear it because karma will make you fear it so you will not speak or think the words and sounds of bad to anyone.

  • Yeah,then your OWN ass will become chubby and smelly, and then all your friends will disown you.

  • You just avoid them. never speak of them or go near them. no point trying to understand their world because its crazy. I have relatives like this always going to jail on my aunties side and her kids in trouble by police and she always pregnant and drugging and very critical of everyone and can't see she is a shocking parent and fat ass slob and her men are idiots.

  • Correct on many levels. I’ve tried not to judge, but he hurt my child, gloves off!

  • Great, another ghettoass momma bear who can't be arsed to be a parent until some outsider says or does something the b**** don't like

  • Well just get over it. many children been abused and tortured. at least it was not you. let your child own it. I was abused and I don't like my mother trying to pull that way on me., it didn't happen to her it happened to me so its my pain and not hers. she is just a mother and not the sufferer.

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