Just How I feeling right now

F*** It
What can I say besides f*** all this bullshit in life. All I want to do is sitting and cry but I can’t and I won’t too old for this s*** just want to let go. But can’t I keep this bullshit bottled inside of me until finally snap then I’m like f*** it all. I love my family anybody and everybody knows that but sometimes I’m just like F*** ‘me cant waist my time on ‘me. Feel like leaving this house nah you know what I feel like leaving this world. I don’t give where else I go as long as its not here. Do anything to get off of this earth even it dates means putting a gun to my head and pulling the f****** trigger. People say don’t do this don’t do that be a lady make me proud of you be better then the f*** ups in you family but you know watt don’t try and care now when in the other time you just don’t give a f*** bout what I do and say but anyways I don’t f****** care. All h*** who am I kidding I do care that’s the f****** problem in my life. Heart feels so bare. Got love for my family and my friends but lots of time just like f****** it and f****** them. F*** means so many things but what I’m using it for is to say I just don’t give a damn so F*** everything bout all this bullshit in life. People think that imp a push over that they do anything they want to me or say anything about me well you see dates the problem let them do watt they wanna do and say watt they wanna say who ever around when I have them days when I snap and go off then sorry but that’s watt you get for f****** with me. You think you know me but you really f****** don’t when I say s*** to people most of the time its just a f****** lie or a f****** story because I think they might accept me if I do or say the things that I say. There are only a few people in life that I’m real with and dates very few s*** can’t even be real with my family because they sit back and judge me more then watt they do my brothers. S*** I need help I know I do I’m f****** sick in my mind got problems I know it but guess what I just don’t give a f***. F*** IT ALL!!!!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • nothing- they never said anything about the beatles-- and I feel the same way- not with family but with friends and family too-- a quote by me- Life sucks; it's never fair; and no matter what happens, you usually live through it

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