My sissy confession

I'm a sissy boy and I want all my friends to know it. I want to be used by all my girlfriends and boyfriends while dressed up in girl clothes.
My girlfriend knows what pathetic sissy I'm and she treats me the way I deserve to be treated.
But she does it in private but I wanna go public and I want everyone to know what a b**** I'm.
Please can you guys give me suggestions on how to confess to few of my friends that I'm a sissy subtlely!!????
Please guys I need to show the world what a sissy b**** I'm.

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  • Wear T-shirts so they can see your bra through it. Were panties all the time and let you jeans slid down just a bit so when you bend over your panties can be seen. Make sure they are pink and your bra being pink or black. They will know real fast what you are.
    Confess you would rather be with guys than girls. Be truth full even though you will loose some friends, "your true friends" if you have any will stay by you. Coming out is never easy but once you adjust and no longer have to hide your true self, life will be a lot easier for you and you will not have to hide any more.

  • As another said and I agree the more girly you dress the more fem you will feel. Try using some body spray will being out and if you haven’t worn a bra out yet then try a bralette. It’s a great stepping stone towards lacy with bra lines.

  • Take your time and tell your most trusted friend. When I told my mates I was a sissy I ended up being used by all of them every week.

  • The more you let your sissiness become you the more men will want you to be their sissy b**** too. Act and dress more girly you will love it and so will your wife. You will love being your submissive sissy b****.

  • Throw away all your boy clothes, and tell everyone you're a sissy fairy. Have s** with men. Be a girly girl.

  • Being a real man takes to much effort for you?

  • Good for you

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