Closet Sissy

I confess I’ve dressed as sissy b**** ever since I was a young teenager. I wore whatever pair of panties I could find and bras I could steal because I stretched them out. I gathered a small stash to keep so I could pretend whenever I got the chance. I always had or thought I’d be caught and made to be the sissy I dreamed of but it never happened. First time I was caught was by my girlfriend that surly would be my wife. She admitted that after she had caught me she used it to get married which was great to me. But after several years she didn’t seem happy that the only way I could have s** with her was being dressed as a sissy b****. Soon of coarse she needed what she called man s** which I understood. She dressed me one night in lingerie and while I was trying on her sweater dress she had she brought up that unless I could get hard without panties on she was headed out. I tried but I couldn’t but I believe she knew I wanted her to. She made me walk her out to the car and told me I could just play gurl all I wanted until she came home, which yes I did. It was like heaven, I became her cuck and soon serviced her boyfriends which sometimes she brought home. Problems is that I became so much of a sissy dressing all the time and wearing her clothes she left and was fed up with the man she thought she married which had a slight fetish at start to her. Life went on until my dressing had gone almost to nothing other past three years. Buying lingerie isn’t so easy by yourself. I am a closet sissy wannabe who dreams of being someone’s s*** or Atleast be nice to have others be able to tell and call me a sissy or b**** or something. I’m dressed now in my niece’s panties, bra and pink tank top and after cumin last three days in them I still can’t get hard and all I can think about is my desire to prance and wear panties and maybe get called out and used as c** s*** sissy. Maybe someone might read this confession and give me some type of advice so I can break free of being in the closet and get caught. Maybe the fantasy might be better but I’m still dry humping my panty ass on the bed as this bottom I’ve dreamed of but have never been found out.

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  • It's easy buying lingerie if you go to a dress shop when there isn't anyone but the sales lady. At first just buy one thing like panties. It's humiliating and fun if she suspects the panties are for you. Then go back at another time when the same lady is there to buy something else. Drop more hints that the corsets or bras are for you. If she's like my sales lady she'll start mocking you gently so as to humiliate you so you'll return and buy more naughty stuff. I'm waiting for a chance to tell her how small my p**** is and how frustrated my wife is.

  • Thankyou, that sounds so easy but well idk. Yet trying to find a empty store with no or few customers in it seems tough alone. Still I again thank you or all for help. Maybe it’s just such a excellent dream I’ll try even if closest Walmart or said female store is over 20 minutes away. Bless you for reply

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