Beach night

My boyfriend and I love to go camping. We go to a local spot that has a nice little beach in the middle of nowhere. No one has ever been there when we were, so s** and nudity had always been easy. The last time we went, everything was as usual with no one around. It was later at night when we stripped off my clothes and started walking down the beach. Our plan was to stop somewhere along the beach and have s**. As we walked along we came up on a couple that had also been camping and decided to go for a walk. They were speechless when they saw us. I was embarrassed and tried to cover myself with my hands. Why we stopped and tried to justify our nudity to these two is beyond me, but we did. The more we talked the more I said f*** it and didn't care if this other guy saw me naked. So now were standing there like nothing is wrong chatting it up with this couple. We started talking about nudity and they decided it may be less awkward for them if they were nude too. So they stripped their clothes off and now all 4 of us were naked. After further chit chat we proceeded on our way back the way we came. My boyfriend and I waited until we got back to our camp to have s**, but seeing another couple and having them strip naked with us was kind of exciting. I asked my boyfriend what he thought of the idea of going to a nudist resort. He was all for it and had actually been wanting to ask me about it. We booked a trip to a nudist resort in the Caribbean and just got back from our trip today. It was amazing and carefree. I enjoyed being naked in front of other people and everyone was so nice. No one cared that you didn't have clothes on. For all they cared you were just another clothed person just like they were. Only we weren't clothed. Me and my boyfriend had s** a couple times outside at the resort and we got caught once, but they didn't care. I know there is a nudist community in Florida and I want to asks my boyfriend if we can go visit with the intentions of moving there.

Apr 7, 2019

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  • As a guy who skinny diped with other male friends thru high school out in the boonies I can say it was fun to have such freedom but those days are gone i am not criticizing you for being naked but if a person was really upset they could involve the police so just be careful and good luck!

  • Go for it. My wife love the resort in Ivor, Va. It is well maintained, family friendly with friendly staff and visitors. Folks are of all ages and sizes and no one judges. Cabins, tent camping, and year round trailers. Two swimming pools, one enclosed and in use year round and one in the sun for summer use. Parties and special events can be expected and are listed on their monthly emails. Check out White Tail Resort and have fun.

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