I love bullying

You get bullied ?? good, accept it and learn to love it, and revere the bullies



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  • Stfu you sound like some sadistic freak

  • Sir you are my Lord and Master. I am a pathetic beta "male" sissy wimp who always gets his ass kicked by bullies like you. I've been punched in the face and stomach and almost ended up in the hospital. I've been knock down, choke holded, stepped on, walked on, pushed in the mud, glasses stepped on and smashed and been peed on and s****** on. I used to hate myself, the world and the bullies but now I realize its the natural order of things. I humbly bow down to you and beg you to not hurt me too badly, just enough to keep me in my place and let everyone know what a big, strong, alpha dude you are.

  • You're getting tiresome, OP.

  • Of course they try to convince us that we deserve it and that we must suck it up but it's not true , they are just f****** monsters not even worthy to exist , and the first step for you is to find someone that can help you with some serious workout and trainings in order to become stronger so you can get your revenge

  • No you aren't , do not listen to this handicapped s*** , practice some good fighting sport and kick those a******* in the ass

  • Get a life. There are people in this world suffering depression and here you are saying this s***.

  • Being bullied reminds me that I am not alpha. Not even beta. I survive and fantisise by coming to web sites like this.

  • You're getting tiresome, OP...

  • You POS

  • I love being bullied but it's a fetish for me. No idea what you get out of it though. Probably nothing to be proud of. P****!!!

  • Aww, is the wannabe bully triggered by that earlier post? Poor thing. LMAO

  • I don't want to be a bully , but from the way you talk you seem to be a bully yourself , right ?

  • Are you bullying someone by accusing them of bullying? I think you are.

  • ^lol@ this guy

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