Mother in law

I think about my mother-in-law every day and m********* when I do. her name is Oti and she is Colombian, about 63. short and a little plump, with big milky b**** and a nice ass. She has short reddish black hair and is very cute and sexy. One day she came out of the shower in just her white towel, and I saw her creamy shoulders and back for the first time, and I got seriously hard. i immediately masturbated, and have been doing so every day now for over a year. I dream about s** with her. i want to take her in all positions, and openly grab her and kiss her at will. as i write this I have a tremendous hard-on and will likely need to m********* as soon as this is done. she is single and without a boyfriend. I love my wife, but i want her mother badly. should i take her? should i act on this powerful sexual fantasy and make it a reality? i dont think she would tell her daughter if i started f****** her. she is very fond of me and we have a great non-sexual relationship, but i want to make it a sexual one.

Apr 9, 2019

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  • I would find a way to get in her panties, I had the same situation with my mother in-law. She was 62 when i met her she was so HOT. After getting married she would visit us, I would find ways to smell her panties. At night I found she slept deeply and I could look under her nightie and panties. I wanted so badly. but I never tried anything with her, she was a widow for over 30 years. I know she would play with herself the smell of her panties told me that. Oh yea she was Mexican.

  • Have you sniffed her dirty panties?
    Describe them in detail please

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