I wish I didn’t have a stepdaughter

My college age stepdaughter hates me and won’t acknowledge her dad unless she needs something. It’s all my fault that her mom and dad won’t get back together. Her mother recently got arrested for driving drunk while she was out with her married boyfriend and somehow mom is innocent in all this and I am to blame? I really hate her and wish she would leave us alone completely. I am trying to get her father to just shut the door on her once and for all. If I never see her again in life I would be so happy. I have nothing of her in my house and never will. Nobody knows H*** on earth until they become a stepmother.


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  • Maybe you shouldn't have busted up her parents' marriage for your own benefit. Seriously, what did you expect of her? To love you? Call you "mom"? Forgive you?

  • He had already left his ex before me. It’s just my fault for marrying her dad so now he won’t go back to her mom. I want no love from her or ever hearing her call me mom...she has her train wreck mom she worships.

  • I'd gladly trade my deadbeat bio dad & lying teen stepdaughter for a college daughter I'd have the option not to reply to.
    Btw your supposed to be an extension of your spouse so support him or move on.

  • Just sniff that ungrateful brats dirty panties!!!

  • Yep, love sniffing my daughters

  • Not daughters you sicko. Too close.
    And let me guess,she is young. No thanks.
    What's wrong with sniffing non family members panties. Work mates wife's and gfs,sis in laws, friends wives and people who's house you've gone too to collect something you've bought on ebay?

  • Try being a stepfather to 3 teenage girls who just divorced their dad. Oh, and not only that, but I'm only 9 years older than her oldest daughter. Talk about some f***** up s***, I had her oldest daughter come on to me, strip naked and them rub one out on the couch while I was trying to watch TV. She kept telling me to come f*** her. I finally just got up and left the house. The youngest one always stole whatever she could from me, to the point where I couldn't even leave my wallet lay on the dresser. I had to get a small safe and lock everything inside it. The middle one busted windows out if the house and car. Then tried to tell her mom that I was secretly seeing my ex. Her mom didn't buy any of that s***. She knows me and my ex hate each other. Then they tried to set their mom and dad up on a date by lying to them. They told their mom she was supposed to meet me at this restaurant for dinner and they arranged for their dad to be there. When she walked in and seen it was her exhusband she turned around and walked out, calling me to see where I was. I had to go to work and asked the girls to tell her where I was when she got home. So yeah, being a stepparent sucks donkey b****. These 3 little b****** can suck my ass.

  • She begged you to f--k her and you walked out.......send her to me!

  • Step parents have the hardest role of the family. My wife should write a how to book on being a step. She helped raise my 3 kids from toddlers to grown adults and are very close to them. Not 1 time EVER did the kids ever disrespect her and love her very much. Dad has to be involved and bring the hammer down when need be. My kids knew I would absolutely level them for showing disrespect to either one of us. It can be done and have a happy home!

  • You and your husband should go to counseling and work on figuring out how to deal with this grown child. But a lot of this sounds like the relationship between your husband and his daughter is damaged. And that needs to be fixed and not ignored. Just because you marry a man with children doesn't mean you gain instant respect as a step mother. It is earned and it's work. You both don't like each other - stop keeping score. Of course, this child is going to side with her mother. You're not her mother. She really is an adult. Maybe emotionally, she's immature. But you married a man with a kid. And you clearly don't like her, why should she respect you? Stop keeping score. If you want a relationship with your step daughter, you have to start somewhere to rebuild it. Be the bigger person and extend an olive branch.

  • I tried reaching out to her several times and got a response of just go away and die from her. My “SD” treats her dad like s***....just like her mom has always treated her dad. Life is too short to let miserable people be in your life. I’m done.

  • Time to clock out, honey. That little b**** is going to kill your marriage anyway, so it'd be best for you to control the ending and be done with both that little b**** and her little b**** father. Find someone who has no kids. Sounds to me like you aren't inclined to honor marriage (given the fact that you obviously ended your husband's prior marriage for your own benefit), so don't bother yourself with regret over dumping this clown you married. Leave. It certainly won't be your first time and it almost certainly won't be your last.

  • Again met my “SD” dad after he left the mother. He is sick of her behavior and said he didn’t raise her to be disrespectful to anyone and if that’s how she chooses to be then he doesn’t want her around us.

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