Woman from exeter breastfeeding

I confess I'm the man from the isle of Wight who was chatting to the gorgeous sounding mummy from Exeter,who's sadly being neglected by her husband.
I have been thinking about her and am so h**** for her!!! I wanna pay for her to come to the island!!! As I've got to go down on her so so badly!

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  • Thought you had forgotten all about me. I get soaking wet knickers every day thinking about you enjoying my mummy pu ssy. My br easts ache for you to feed off of me.

  • I really hope this is you lol, hows hubby? I Need to get you wet xx

  • You do get me wet. He is OK. Nothing different. On the bed right now feeding baby. Legs open having a play thinking bout you appreciating me all the time. Have to change my knickers constantly as I soak them with my honey all day. I like squirting my milk and having you lick it all up from me. Are you still getting hard and cu mming just for me?

  • Mmm baby I'm back, hoping you come across this and we can start chatting, need to come to Exeter soon to worship your mummy pu ss y

  • You took too long. did you think you were the only one I snared with my public display of boobflashing? Just because there was a kid hanging off of one of them doesn't mean I wasn't waving them around for literally everyone to see. I have three dates this week with other easily snagged males, so ta :)

  • How about I join the queue and still eat your wet discharge mmm

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