Sexual relationship with aunt

I'm 17 and this happened a while ago. i visited my aunt, who's in her late 20's, a couple months ago. she was in the shower so i grabbed one her magazines and crashed on the couch. i heard her get out of the shower so i let her know i was there. she told me to give her a few minutes. i kept picturing her naked. eventually i couldn't help myself anymore so i decided to go take a look. the door to her room was ajar so i took a peak. she was naked. she was looking for her underwear. i was rock hard and couldn't help but stroke my p****. she turned around and she saw me. i didn't know what to do so and backed off. she looked furious. she came out of the room with a towel around her and asked me what the f*** i was doing. i kept apologizing and telling her i couldn't help myself. and to my shock she asked me why i didn't just tell her. i was confused and didn't know what to say. she took her towel off and asked me how she looked. that's how it started. i regularly visit her now. she likes to watch p*** with me and helps me j*** off and sometimes gives me b*******. we haven't had s** yet. at this point i'm just not sure if i should keep this up or not. but as long as nobody finds out i think i'll be safe

Feb 23, 2014

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  • Keep going over there; next time she is jerking you off start kissing her and cup her t*** under her shirt and then reach inside her bra and pull on her nipples. This will get her hotter than she no doubt already is. Tell her you really need to f*** her. I am sure she will beat you getting her clothes off.

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