Gay with brother

I'm a 19 year old gay man. Who lives in a small town. I have to be super careful as the town is very anti gay. And. Im a submissive bottom.

Long story short, a year ago I almost was caught beening ass f***** by a older guy in the woods A gang of men saw us i got away but the guy did not and was beaten badly.

I came home crying and my older brother was there. I told him what happened and said I can't have a s** life been gay here.

He looked me in the eye and said he give me what I need. He reached into my pants and started playing with my c***.

I stopped him and said, I'm a bottom I take c***, i need you in my mouth and ass..

I opened his Jean's a sucked his beautiful c***. He came 5 minutes later and i swallowed.

It a year now and I give him my body when ever he wants.

He has a girlfriend, but said the s** is better with me.

He said he's fallen in love with me and thinks about marrying me.

I have love him that way since I was 10.

It my be incest, but it is true love

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  • I bet you love that adult c***

  • When I was young I used to suck my both my older brother's c**** I don't think neither knew I was doing it to ome another. The last time i sucked the older brother, I was 21, he was 24 but his c*** is huge, uncut and fat. I just wished he would've c** in my mouth but never did.

  • That's so sad

  • I am here sister kk

  • You need to get out of that town

  • The first c*** I sucked was my older brother's. I was 8 ad he was 12. His c*** was also the first I ever had in my ass. I was 10 for that.

  • The first c*** I sucked was my oldest brothers too. However, I actually sucked on both my older brothers for years. At 10 was the first time my brothers started f****** me. I loved having both of my brothers having s** with me, and thinking the other didn't know it was happening. ;)

  • Every time I came home drunk my brother would blow me when he thought I was sleeping. I would pretend to be drunk and asleep to get him to suck me off & at 13 didn't care who suck my c*** just wanted to get off at that age. He didn't know what to say when I opened my eyes one night but that only way I could tell him it's okay and he would blow me now 2 or 3 times a day I told him I would never j*** off again as long as he loved my c***

  • Aids

  • Love to be dresséd very sexy

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