A weird fantasy

I'm 19 F, my biggest fantasy is to be tied up, blondfolded and used by many (20 or more) old guys (50+). But since I'm blindfolded I have no clue how many people are there, or who they are. I want them to f*** me in every hole and cover me in c**. I want them to slap and choke me and use me till I pass out, but even once I do I don't want them to stop. I especially want chubbier guys so I can feel their weight crushing me while they f*** me, I also love to be dp'ed by two fat guys while I'm begin crushed by them. At the end of it I want to take the blindfold off to see a whole room of the fat old guys who used me, I have social anxiety and am really shy so this will be kinda a shock to me. Or maybe I never get to take the blindfold off and I'll forever be left wondering which if the guys I pass on the street have been inside me.
They'd all have permission to grope me and do what they want to me even after, the idea of an old gross man groping me and touching my slim sexy young body in front of everyone while I get judgement looks for letting him do what he wants also turns me on.

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  • Omg, I did this for my 21birthday. A bestfriend of mine took care of all the arrangements and played gatekeeper. She hosted the event at her house. Where she had a special bed setup for easy access. I stripped naked and she tied me to the bed. Then she blindfolded me and placed earplugs in my ears. She escorted men in and allowed them to have 3 minutes where they could do anything they wanted to me. They could finger me, suck my t***, eat my p****, suck on my neck, rub their d*** on me, push their d*** in my mouth, or f*** me in my p**** or ass, and they could c** where ever they wanted. The only catch was they had 3 minutes and only 3 minutes. Once the time was up, they had to move on, done or not. I have no idea how many guys f***** me. By the time it was over I had many loads of c** in my p****, in my ass, in my mouth, in my hair, and all over my body. It was so erotic and fun.

  • Hott

  • I will c** with 100 guys and run a train on you for as long as you want

  • Where are located i will come and fuckk the h*** out of over n over again

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