My step daughter is 20 and comes home on the weekends from college. She's always walks around in her panties or thong and a T shirt. When her mother is away on weekends for business she likes to flash me her t***. She has a really nice ass. When night when she came home from a club she came into my bedroom. She had on a short skirt and heels. I was in bed watching p***. She asked if she could watch with me. I said sure. So she said let me get out of this dress. She wasn't wearing any panties. She bends over and she had a butt plug in her. I said what are you doing with that, she said all the girls wear them to stretch their butts open. She said do u think I have a nice ass dad. I said absolutely. She said I want my boyfriend to stick it in my butt but he thinks its nasty. I said I wish your my would let me stick it in her butt. She said you could stick it in my butt. I won't tell mommy. I said I would love to. I said lie onto your stomach and I took the plug out. I told her to spread her ass open and I started licking her butt. She loved it. She said she wanted up her ass. I gently slipped it into her ass. She was pushing back saying deeper Daddy I want you to c** in my ass. Her ass was so right I came quickly. Now when her mom is away she comes into my room and wants me to take her butt.


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  • I would love some pictures also.

  • Can u send pics to

  • Tell her you are going to f*** her p**** weather she wants it or not. tell her make it easy on both of us and just give her p**** up

  • I like f****** her in the ass.

  • I've been f****** my step-daughter's beautiful ass for over twenty years. We both find it just as awesome as the first night when she was 18 when I complimented on it's perfect shape. She asked if I'd like to "toss her salad" and soon after she told me what that meant I was in the greatest ass since my first wife.

  • You have any pics of this girl? Or the wife?

  • Yes give me your email and I will send them.

  • I want some pictures too,


  • Yep, but not even sharing.

  • You should f*** all of her holes

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