My teacher

I was in tenth grade and this 22 year old blond hair blue eyed female teacher was looking at me in a certain way. so i had to stay after school to get help from her for homework from her class and she said i like you and i said ok. she than said do you want to do something naughty? i said yeah. so she closed the blinds and she took off her shirt and long dress and all i can say is wow. she had dd's times 2 no lie. her curves unbearable and her ass was as round as round could me. she got a little remote looking thing out of her desk drawer and than layed on the desk it a button on the thing she took out of her desk and then said straight out f*** me so i did. i f***** her p**** so hard she said i was being too rough and said stick it in my a****** so i did. than i got a bj and than i said do a handstand so she did and i f***** her p**** until she had a o***** and then i said where do you want me to c** she said in me and i did. let me tell you she video recorded the thing and gave me a copy. she even let me take as many nude pics of her as i wanted she even sent videos of her masterbating until she c***. after that day she never gave me homework or even gave me any tests other than the ones she had to. she said just read books i give you to read and you will get a 100 in my class. she asked me what books i liked reading so i said James Patterson and Steven king. is this wrong. i have graduated and she is now married but she still comes to my house and take a viagara and we f*** for hours and hours we literally f*** in every room in my house and on every peace of furniture in my house. we have been doing this three to four times a week every week for the past six years. she i end the affair. her husband doesn't know and to make it even harder to end the affair she has a life insurance policy out on her for 700,000 and me the soul benafishaire. she has an other one for 200,000 and her husband is the one who gets that money. so what should i do?


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  • Yes, total BS story

  • Fantasy.....

  • Your story is crap, but this does happen. When I was a freshman in highschool my English teacher was f****** hot. I found out where she lived and I went over to her house. She was single so I asked if I could mow her yard. At first she told me no, but I went back. Then she told me it wasn't a good idea for me to come around her house. I gave her some BS story about my parents working and me being home alone. She finally let me come in, but said only if I read books with her in the den. F*** yeah, I was in the door. We started reading books together everyday. This went on into the Winter and then Spring. Summer was coming and I laid on this sob story about losing my reading partner for the summer. She said absolutely not, then said I was more than welcome to come by. If I remember correctly it was sometime in July when I was over and reading as usual. I touched her hand and said she looked amazing. She got uncomfortable but I told her I couldn't help that I had fallen in love with her. I kept telling her she was an amazing 24 year old woman. She kept telling me we couldn't do anything because I was only 15 and her student. Nothing happened that day, but I kept coming on to her until she finally one day she kissed me. She made me promise I would never tell anyone. Then we made love. It was the best thing I had ever done. We continued to have s** all through my highschool years and after I graduated we got married. To this day no one knows we started having s** when I was 15, they all think we started dating after I graduated highschool.

  • My story is not crap it really did happen. i wish i married my tenth grade teacher in my story.

  • Your story is most definitely crap. There is no way you f***** your teacher like a f****** p*** queen in the classroom. One, you couldn't f*** that much, and two she wouldn't have risked getting caught even having normal s** in the classroom. No f****** way this happened. I'm surprised you didn't say, "and then she brought in her daughter and told me to f*** her, and I did."

  • This really did happen but i don't care if you believe me or not

  • I couldn’t even finish reading this 😂

  • You should wake up because you probably just creamed in your pajamas from that wet dream.

  • You should throw your fedora in the bin,shave you fuc.king NECKBEARD and grow up.

  • Can you send my the video/ nudes?

  • Uhm learn to write

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