Best part is he'll never know.

My friends and I were all partying one weekend at my friends lake house, My friend and her husband are early 40's and I am mid 30's, My friend has made a comment here and there about her husband being "Hung", Well as luck would have it me and her were the last ones awake and she told me her husband always sleeps naked when the kids are not around.
Out of the blue she asked if I wanted to see how big he is and I jokingly said "F*** yeah", She Grabbed my phone off the table and said "I'll be back", I whispered "No, Hey i was just joking" but she tip toed down the hallway and went to the bedroom. I sat at the table and when she came back she handed me the phone, I looked at her and she nodded toward my phone, I said "No...You didn't take a picture of it on my phone", She shrugged and said "You'll never know unless you look", I laughed at myself as I picked up my phone, I was seriously nervous, I don't know why but I was. I opened my phone and she sat staring at me, I opened my pictures and the first thing I seen was a not overly impressive p****, It was just limp and not real big, She looked at me and motioned for me to scroll, I flipped to the next few pictures which were of his p**** as she ran her finger nails over the shaft and with each picture it started to grow.
By the time she had it fully erect I have no Idea how long it would be but there was more sticking out of her hand than there was covered by her hand, In the pictures it showed that when she wrapped her thumb and middle finger around it that they didn't touch. I was actually sitting there staring with my mouth open and she started to giggle, She said "See, That's what I was talking about", Because we had discussed how he wants something that my husband gets once in a while and I asked if she ever had but she said there was no possible way, I said "Yeah, No way that would ever happen" and she laughed.
I put my phone away and we had a few more drinks before I went to bed, In the morning my husband and I were in bed and he asked what time I came to bed, I told him and he said "Holy f***, What were you guys doing up so late". I looked at him and said "******* showed me ***** p****", He laughed and said "What?" so I explained and said "Wanna see?", He said "Well...No but now I have to", I showed him the pictures and he just said "Well, I have a whole new respect for him now" and we giggled. He handed me my phone and I took one more look, My husband rolled over and tossed a leg over me shoving his hand down my PJ's and said "Does that get you excited", I pulled his hand out and said "Jesus, What the h***, Does that get you excited?", He said "Only if it gets you excited", I looked at him and said "You're a frickin weirdo" and got out of bed.
I started deleting the pictures but maybe haven't gotten rid of quite all of them, Tee Hee.


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  • I think you should f*** her husband. big c**** are best. I am 9" and have f***** several wives of men much smaller. Its a fact that women love big thick c****.

  • God knows everything and karma will hit ur nasty ass

  • Lame post by a virgin

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