Naked sister inlaw

I came home from the bar late on Saturday. My sister-inlaw and my wife had been drinking at home. When I walked in my SIL was passed out on the bathroom floor buck ass naked. I stood over her and took a p*** while she laid there. Had she woken up she would have seen all my junk. I went to bed and my wife was passed out naked on the bed. What the h*** were these two women doing? Because they are not incest lesbians, I'm assuming they had some guy friends over and probably f***** them.

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  • My sister-in-law was in an unhappy marriage. She would come over and my wife and I would party with her. My wife would have too much to drink and go to bed. Then the sister and I would have great s**. She was so hot and gorgeous. It was amazing. Now she has a new boyfriend so she doesn't f*** me anymore, sadly!

  • You had every chance to have s** with your sister in law and you blew it

  • My sister in law used to stay with me and my wife and would walk from the bathroom to her room naked and I watched it every time and it made me hard as h***

  • Which looked better naked?

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