Wife doesn't know that I know

I work a lot of hours. I came home from work and went straight for the shower. Came back to the bedroom naked as I always do. Wife was laying naked in bed. She had her tablet up watching a movie and her legs bent up by her **. I could see her ** which she knows I dig. I went around to my side of the bed and stopped to admire her. When I looked I noticed she had a ** full of ** drooling out onto the sheets.

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Cat fishing this guy and don't know how to tell him :(

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  • We lost power at the paper bag plant I worked at during a storm, so the boss sent us home.
    My wife and I lived in a little 8' X 42' trailer on the family ranch, I drove up and there sat Doug's car, he was the guy that played lead guitar in our sort of band.
    I went around back, I knew I could see in under the curtain, here was Doug on top of my wife, doing it **.
    I waited quietly outside, when Doug came out, I flattened him, he ended up with a concussion, hauled off in and ambulance. He was in pretty bad shape, truth is, I WAS trying to kill him.
    Cops came out, arrested ME, in court I got 30 days in county.
    Divorced that wife.

  • I read your post it turned me on so much, the last time I went out I ducked the cab driver, went straight into the house straddled hubby and ** him. He didn't even notice I was oozing another man's **.
    He kicked me after and said he didn't realise he spunked so much. I just said you have always been a big spunker darling

  • This might be a stupid question but, what is the best way to tell if your wife has been ** someone, other than ** dripping from her **?

  • If You ever have doubts about your woman ** around. Just check her **. If thy are full of ** so is her **. Simple

  • Realtributex@gmail.com
    Pics or more stories ** buddies

  • My wife is 27, I'm 34. At least once a month we take our two little girls to stay at her parents house Friday afternoon for the weekend. I have 3 friends that come over that Friday evening and we lock ourselves in our finished basement from about 9AM to 1AM or so. We have a special room constructed that our girls are never allowed into with a bed and several sofa chairs. I sit and watch my three friends ** my wife all night. At the end, she sits on the end of the bed, legs open and all three of them ** in her **. I go last and let me tell you, the feeling of being inside a **-filled ** is amazing.

  • Pics

  • My husband has been trying to get me to ** someone else for ages, you have given me an idea to treat him. I know his best friend wants to ** me

  • Make sure he really wants it. Some men are all talk when it comes to that. I just happen to be one that gets turned on at the sight (or in this case knowledge) that my wife has other ** inside her **

  • I have let my best friend ** my wife. I loved her 2 c how much bigger I am then him.But I get turned on watching him ** in her.She gets very turned on 2.

  • Wish I could find my wife like that

  • That sounds wonderful, unfortunately my husband would kill me

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