Crossdresser on cloud 9

My boyfriend took me to his parents vacation house last weekend to have a really romantic weekend and boy was we got there it was wright on the beach and it was beautiful so put on my swimsuit and we went swimming and then lay out on the beach and talk about all kinds of things but mostly about me nd him how we felt about what we wanted for each other and out of the he ask if he could just hold me and of course I said yes so we laid there for while and went swimming again then we went to the house and set on the deck talk held hands it was so nice to get away just me and him I love it so the sun was starting to go down he ask me if I would put on a dress for dinner so we went in and got ready for dinner so it took me a little longer then him but when I came out he had a table set up on beach it was so perfect and very romantic I cried it was so beautiful we had dinner and watch the sun set it was the best night I ever had and then he if I would join him on this big blanket and we laid there for a little bit then he started kissing me and one thing lead to another and we made love on the under the stars it was the most intense s** I think I ever had he made me feel so loved it was buy far the best weekend of my life I love him so much I am a crossdresser and he is a straight man and we are in love

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  • That is a lovely experience you had!!! I know what it feels like as I have twi Bi-boyfriends who make love to me regularly and they adore it when I dress in sexy female clothes for their pleasure. Lingerie Lover.

  • I'm assuming you're a man? Sorry, hun, your boyfriend isn't straight. Of course he might not be gay. He could be pan, bi, or any others. Personally, and I don't know him, but if he's dating a guy and he says he's straight, he's probably demi. But don't get me wrong, I'm happy for you and if he's comfortable with calling himself straight, don't let a random person on the internet stop you ✋

  • Ewwww.
    Creepy and gross.

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