Caught by Mom

They I thought I was home alone so I got a pair of moms dirty panties and was smelling them while masturbating when she walked into my bedroom and saw what I was doing.

Apr 29, 2019

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  • My mom caught me jerking off while looking at gay p***.

    She sat down next to me and said, "S** with me will be better than either any man". And took my c*** in her hand and jerked me until I came.

    She does this every day now. Mom also lets me suck her t*** and on the weekends i get to f*** her and she blows me and I can c** in her mouth.

    I never was interested in guys, but I'm not telling Mom.

    The s** is too good. What 17 year old is going to turn down unlimited s** from his mother.

  • My parents encouraged me to m*********. When I was a teen we used to talk about s** and masturbation. Mom in particular used to ask me about how I was going and what dreams I had had and what sights and thoughts turned me on. I remember telling her that the advertisements showing women's underwear aroused me. She used to put the pages from the junk mail showing women in underwear in my bedside draw.

  • When I was a kid a friend of my mom's was going through a divorce and she was over our house. Her and mom were drinking all night long as they were talking. Her friend spend the night and slept with my mom in her big bed. About 3am I snuck into her bedroom and slipped my hand under the sheets and blankets to feel up her friend. It was very dark in the bedroom and I moved very slowly so I wouldn't wake them up. I touched her friends leg and moved my hand up to her panties. Very slowly and carefully I slipped my fingers under her panties and felt her pubic hair. I was so excited I then touched her v***** and pushed my fingers inside of her v***** while she was drunk sleeping. I was holding my hard p**** with one hand and fingering my moms friend with my other hand. I slid my fingers in and out of her v***** while I was jerking off and trying not to wake her up. She was getting wetter and wetter while I was doing it and I started to have an o*****. I put some of my sperm on my fingers and touched her lips and used some on my fingers to put into her v***** while fingering her. I had three fingers deep inside of her and all of a sudden she says WHO'S THERE while I had my fingers inside of her v*****. I panicked pulled my fingers out and crawled out of the bedroom and went to my bedroom scared to death I was going to be caught. No one ever said anything about it to me that night or the next day. It was so cool to be able to feel her up and finger her at such a young age.

  • Rather than sniffing your mom's panties, you should be putting more effort into trying to have s** with her.

  • Well, at least your mom knows that you want her. How did she react?

  • She wrapped me in pink soft fleece and spanked me,then she breastfed me until I was calm,then still in my fleecy pink blanky she lay me to sleep.

  • Golden rule,never sniff families.
    Makes a perfectly normal fetish into something dirty.

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