Ok,I've just had a look on the reddit user " hornyforhummus" and the pic titled ruby red lips has been deleted!
I think someone must of told her that her ass worm is saying hi lol!!

But!! There's still one up,called "bright red lips" and if you click on the pic on the reddit icon top right of it,you get a close up pic,and if you zoom In the parasitic worm is still there!!!
The pics not as good as the deleted one,but you can clearly see it!! Its b***** gross lmao😅

I wish this site would have instant posts as you really need to see it asap lmao!!

If you haven't seen my first post, basically an internet w**** on reddit with the username hornyforhummus has posted loads of pics and vids,which are v hot,and I have happily jacked too many times,has just posted some pics of a close up,and there seems to be a parasitic worm coming out of her a$$hole!!
Have a look and tell me what you think of it!!!


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  • F*** 😷
    I've just seen it...yeah,that's a worm 😷😷 dirty w****!!!!

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