I don't get it..!!

I am not the most attractive man in the planet and I have been rejected by so many girls just because of my look. I am actually kinda skinny and I don't want to change that and I don't care what girls think about me. That's not why I am posting this. I am posting this because I have had couple of weird instances with couple girls on social media.First girl is bi and I think she is good looking girl not the one that WOW you. I started talking to her and she started telling me that she isn't good girl because she is naughty and etc. I told her its ok you don't have to be like other girls and she always talk about s** all the time. She started sharing naughty pic with me and she says that she likes me but I just don't buy it because she never saw a pic of me and I never shared any naughty pic with her. I just don't get it. Second girl is O.M.G. She is so freaking hot and beautiful. I got to know her 2 days ago and now I have probably 20 pics of her naked. I am not a perv or anything and I never ask girls for naughty pics but she just started sharing all these pics without me asking. She also never asked me for a pic or to share any naughty pic with her. I just don't get it. I have no idea what to think of this situation. I will just ride with them and see how is it going..!!

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  • I think you should check out some fat chick options since you want to have a girlfriend that you find attractive physically, yet you want a chick to forgo her own physical needs to see past your physical deficit in the attraction department. Do you see the double standard here, son? You sound like fat chicks who can't get that hot guy and complain about how they don't understand why the hot guy can't see past their weight.

  • LOL. Hilarious. I just found out that girl was actually catfishing me. I mean who shares pics of their "hot" body with someone they don't even know and they claim that they don't do that with anybody else. I knew it was BS from the beginning and I am being honest here. I don't care what girls think about me and I don't care what you think about me either. Thanks for the post tho..!!

  • I'm kinda a naughty girl myself and i love sending pics of my naked body gives me a rush and a lot of girls love that rush what ever you do dont question it. ;)

  • So basically you would meet nice guy and start sharing pic with him and after while its over?

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